Saturday, April 4, 2009


Three more officers were killed in Pittsburgh today. The circumstances were my worst nightmare for 26 years as a police officer. I walked up to many houses, businesses, cars, and other situations that I had no way of knowing what I was up against. Was I scared? You bet. Was I paralyzed by fear? No, I did my job every night and I did it well. I did what I did with my life because I was taught by my family to stand up for what you believe in. I did that for over 30 years.

Every police officer's worst nightmare is being ambushed. This pile of steaming ----was lying in wait and he attacked them and killed them. This guy is a gutless coward who doesn't have the courage to face another man. I lost a fellow officer to an ambush and it is something I never wanted to go through again.

These officers gave their lives because they believed in America. They swore an oath to uphold the constitution of the United States. It cost them their lives. I am sick for my country. This is a reprise of the 60s and 70s. Unrepentant terrorists like Mr. and Mrs. Ayers killed as many officers as possible. It seems that we are reliving this horrible time again. I pray for their family and fellow officers. The pain these people are feeling is incomprehensible. I've been there.

Everytime something like this happens I flash back to 1977. I was seriously injured in the line of duty. My greatest fear was that they would come to my house and tell my wife and she would tell my family and they would worry. While I was in the ER officers drove my wife to the hospital. When she came in to see me I saw the fear in her eyes and we both cried. I don't ever want that to happen to anyone again. But of course it will.

I am sick for my country. I am sick for my country. I am sick for my country.


Z said...

Oh, L&0, isn't this awful? Thanks for posting these poor mens' pictures..the LEAST we can do is look at their faces...they deserve for us to know who they were and what happened. It adds a whole new dimension to hear a policeman like you were to tell your truth .
Living in LA, it's SO HARD to constantly hear the policemen's integrity questioned over the criminals'.. We almost don't hear of a situation where the first words on the news report aren't "The policeman's being taken off duty until an investigation can be done.."


This is the leftist "everyone must be perfect" mantra which is killing our country, and this has to STOP! BAD THINGS HAPPEN and good men sometimes do bad things in fear or misreading a situation, right? But, no....they have to 'get it'.

As for this ambush? I can't imagine. it's the worst of America, you're right...I am SO SICK for our country, too, L&0. SO sick.

Law and Order Teacher said...

I talked to my wife tonight and we thought about that night for us. It wasn't a good thing, but we still feel the pain of it. I told her I'm glad I'm not a cop anymore. It's just too violent today.

I have often thought about my time and I have this to say. When I came on we carried a weapon with six bullets in it. On our belt we carried twelve additional rounds, for a total of 18. At the end of my career we carried a gun with 18 rounds in it, plus to additional clips of 17 each. Too much violence.

I don't think it will get better.