Saturday, April 4, 2009


Now I have given clues about the preceding songs, but this is probably the greatest one-hit wonder of all time. How many girls are named after this song? Can't count them, right? So many parents named their daughters from this song it's crazy.

Again, I'm dancing in my room and the, holy smokes!!!, the cats are dancing with me. That's the effect of this song on mammals.


Z said...

Make this our secret, PLEASE?

i like this, too!! always have.

shhhh!!! (had a dog named Brandy when we were kids!)

Law and Order Teacher said...

This is one of the great cult songs. So many people love this song and it's still popular today. I have a friend who came within a whisker of being named Brandy by her parents, my age. I coached soccer with her for years.

She still has nightmares about being named Brandy. Her name is Heather and I loved coaching with her. I always tell her she is a Brandy at heart. She's a dancer too. Much better than me, BTW.

It's our secret.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's a secret until Sunset get's a hold of this ... then Katie Bar the Door against another one of his blackmail schemes.

Brandy was always one of my favorites, and still is. I think the group's long term success was adversely affected by the song because, in my view, they simply couldn't top the popularity of the song's rhythm.

Z said...

L&0...just last night, a friend sent the above link for ENYA. She does a very famous recent hit "Only Time", which you'll recognize. I listened to a couple of the other tunes and thought that, since you like the Celtic ladies so much, you might like Enya....
Anyway, you can go on her link and click any of the title tunes and takes a sec to download but it'll come!


Brandy isn't SUCH a bad name!! Heather IS better, however!!!
By the way, on the alcohol theme (!), I once so naively walked into an art class in college and announced very excitedly that "I had a Black Russian last night and was it GOOD"
You can imagine the response.
I can be so naive sometimes!

Texas Truth said...

This is one of those songs that I can roll down the windows in my truck and let the music blast. This is a great song to sign along to. Even better is playing it and singing along in a convertable. WHAT A MEMORY!

Law and Order Teacher said...

I agree. Sometimes a group makes a song that is impossible to follow. Through no fault of their own they make it tough to follow and people have a memory of songs and they were probably expecting too much. Too bad. Great talent.

Law and Order Teacher said...

Thanks I'll give it a listen. First of all, I never had to take art in college, but I did take a couple music appreciation courses. Made me love classical.

As for misspeaking, a student was in front of the class teaching the Frence Revolution. He was talking about Marie Antoinette and her lavish habits especially parties. He begins with this statement "Marie Antionette had these big balls." As you can imagine it was downhill from there. Too bad, nice kid.

I have a lot of those kinds of songs. I'm a very gutsy singer in my truck while I'm driving. Not so much where anyone can hear me.

Z said...

THAT is FUNNY, L&0..thanks!!

A friend told me that, while in high school, a teacher terrorized the kids with "QUIZZIES"....they'd shudder when he'd say "Today, we're having a QUIZZY!"

One day, a young girl was SO annoyed at the sudden pop quiz and how difficult it was that she said "Mr. Jones......if this is your idea of QUIZZIES, I'd hate to see your TESTEES!" true story.

My friend said she blushed for an hour!

KauaiMark said...

" wonder"

I loved this song, but I never realized it was a one-hit wonder.

But I couldn't tell you who wrote or performed it either.

(Proved the point)