Thursday, April 2, 2009


My friend at GeeeeeZ (blogroll) posted a beautiful rendition by Bernadette Peters. Give this one a listen. There is timeless American music these are but two. You know who did a great job with American music? Rod Stewart, in album American Songbook.

Give this a listen and check that one out on You Tube.


Z said...

Oh, THANK YOU for this treat. I was sure she'd done it a capella in Mr. Holland, but it's gorgeous, nonetheless.
I thought she did this so purely and sweetly........
What a treat.
I hope you enjoyed Bernadette at my site that much.
I enjoyed singing harmony to Ms Kelly right did Mr. Z!!(smile!) xxx

Law and Order Teacher said...

She has another version of this with an orchestra that is awesome. I'm a fan of hers. Thanks for the visit.

Law and Order Teacher said...

BTW, Bernadette can sing. She is also very talented as a comedian. Very funny.

Law and Order Teacher said...

I won't post anymore. Check out You Tube.