Thursday, April 2, 2009


Just an idea of Rod Stewart singing American Songbook. Like or not, like his voice or not, his passion for American music is apparent as he sings all these songs. These songs are ones my parents played much to the chagrin of my brothers and me. Now I love it. Who knew?


Z said...

I can't listen to this song any longer since I was asked to sing it at my cousin's wedding 15 years ago. Ya, Huge expensive wedding, one of the Lennon sisters is my aunt's best friend and she's there, and there's ol' Z..having had no opportunity to rehearse with the big band, just a little communication about the key and the beat through my cousin "they're fantastic, they don't need much info from you, it'll be FINE"...usually IS, right?

I looked at the band (I have never not blended well with an accompanist/band) and gave them a little sense of the speed, and we a different key (which is impossible to fix once you've started), and they were DRAGGING behind me as if they were there to sabotage me. I'd have to say it was THE ONE REALLY REALLY bad performance of my life. I've done some not-so greats (trust me!)..but THIS was for the record books.....I hear it now and I think "Rod doesn't do such a great job with this one as he does the one in the video above this post.." and I wonder "is it because this song's still too painful to listen to!?" OY!!

Law and Order Teacher said...

I have never been in that position. What the heck were these people thinking by not allowing you to rehearse. I don't know about you, but I think my way through every lecture I make. Tough to hear sorry.

Law and Order Teacher said...

Besides who asks someone to sing when they're like ten?:)