Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Let there be no mistake that the Obamanauts, in and out of government, are the direct descendants of the war time fascists of Woodrow Wilson, straight down through to the second generation Wilsonians of the FDR's New Dealers.

The War Industries Board under the direction of Bernard Baruch, from America's entry into the First World War in 1917 until the end, was without a doubt a fascistic manipulation of the economy by the US government reminiscent of Mussolini's corporativism. The board instituted production quotas and actively manipulated salaries of labor in an effort to smooth out and speed up war time production. In the process some industrialists became wealthy from their cooperation with the government.

Hugh Johnson, "Time Man of the Year" (1933), soon to head of the National Recovery Administration during the New Deal, cut his teeth in government manipulation of the economy as part of the War Industries Board. General Johnson had an affinity for Mussolini's fascist tactics, passing out copies of "The Corporate State" written by a Mussolini economist to members of FDR's cabinet. He brought that ensthusiasm with him to the top of FDR's NRA, an organization that was roundly condemned for its storm trooper tactics while enforcing government economic codes.

During his March 30, 2009 speech the president disavowed any desire to run GM. This during a speech in which he acknowledged firing GM CEO Wagoner and advised the company that it must come up with a business model that meets his specifications in order to receive additional bailout money. The president also advised Chrysler that they must merge with Fiat, a car company well known for manufacturing junk. Of course, I guess we should take the president at his word that he has no desire to run car companies. Oh and by the way, your warranties are good, the president guaranteed them. I wonder when he'll start making commercials for the companies.

The topper is the president manufactured (sorry) a new position with the Orwellian title of DIRECTOR OF RECOVERY FOR AUTO COMMUNITIES AND WORKERS, headed by Ed Montgomery and Labor Secretary Solis, as part of the AUTO TASK FORCE. Wilson and FDR would be proud. It bears watching how Montgomery and Solis are going to direct the recovery of the auto communities and workers.

With the already amply proven propensity this administration has for absolute transparency and the presidents promise to let the public see and comment on any legislation for five days prior to congressional action, we have nothing to worry about. Now that that promise has already been broken several times, only because the legislation was an emergency mind you, we have a right to be a little skeptical.

I suggest a reading of Jonah Goldberg's book "Liberal Fascism" for a very well laid out and documented history of fascism under Wilson and FDR. Wilson's Sedition Act of 1918 was used to squelch dissent to the participation of the U.S. in the very unpopular First World War. The law was used to prosecute and imprison dissidents including Eugene Debs and many socialists/Marxists in the labor organization International Workers of the World (IWW) or "wobblies." Any good fascist must stifle dissent in order to implement an unpopular government filled with draconian measures that are "for the common good."

For the lefties that may stop by and accuse me of being part of the VRWC, one of the heroes of the left, Howard Zinn wasn't very complimentary to Wilson or the New Deal in his book "A People's History of the United States." Just trying to be fair and balanced.

I'll end with this quote from historian Clarence B. Carson:

"At this remove in time from the early days of the New Deal, it is difficult to recapture, even in imagination, the heady enthusiasm among a goodly number of intellectuals for a government planned economy. So far as can now be told, they believed that a bright new day was dawning, that national planning would result in an organically integrated economy in which everyone would joyfully work for the common good, and that American society would be freed at last from those antagonisms arising, as General Hugh Johnson put it, from “the murderous doctrine of savage and wolfish individualism, looking to dog-eat-dog and devil take the hindmost."

Listen, you can almost hear the marching troops.


Tapline said...

Now that both the banks and the auto industry has been nationalized what's next...OH!!!!The Health Care industry. AARP are you listening with our Social Security fund used up. Is it funded by the big O??? on his budget request to Congress.....Baby boomers just around the corner too.......Great Post.....L&O......

Tapline said...

Now that both the banks and the auto industry has been nationalized what's next...OH!!!!The Health Care industry. AARP are you listening with our Social Security fund used up. Is it funded by the big O??? on his budget request to Congress.....Baby boomers just around the corner too.......Great Post.....L&O......

Anonymous said...

GM’s new CEO, Fritz Henderson told reporters today that the situation at GM could get worse before it gets better. My question is, “How is this even possible?” We may even extrapolate the question to the new Marxist economy. Well, I suppose it could get worse if the new civilian national service corps stood guard over American workers, armed with soviet-made automatic rifles, and the interior minister transformed northern Utah into a sort of gulag. But naturally, this isn’t very likely until . . . well, um . . . the president orders a reduction in the manufacture of ammunition while publicly supporting the Second Amendment.

Yes, Lot . . . I can hear the trampling of marching feet. I wonder if you and I are alone in this. If so, I can pretty much begin writing my own obituary right now.

Law and Order Teacher said...

Thanks for the visit. We are definitely headed down the road to socialism at least. I fear which part of America is going on the altar next.

Thanks for the visit. I hear the marching feet. This is a guy who talks about funding a civilian defense force as much as the military on the one hand, while his AG goes after a draconian gun control regime on the other. That's a bad combination.

I took an oath twice to defend the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. I still will uphold it.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Blackbooted with hobnails, they are. And soon their ranks to be swelled with the young, ignorant and naive. By mandate, of course.


Z said...

L&O...thanks for coming to geeeez...were there a million US on the "Japanese Islands"? I wasn't sure there what you meant.

Regarding this subject you posted so excellently on? YIKES! what do you think of the Peron analogy at my place?

All of this adds up to one thing: WE ARE SO IN TROUBLE. But, as I keep asking; WHAT NOW?

(you hear about Ted Stevens of ALASKA? Breaking news! We 'goofed'?)

PRH....... said...

Steve: Woody Wilson was one evil SOB....and before this coming nightmare called the Obama Administration ends, we may find that BHO is even worse.

Law and Order Teacher said...

Thanks for the visit.
The reference is to the amount of American GIs that would become casualties as they invaded the islands to try to get them under control.

The island of Okinawa was the last island taken in preparation to an ivasion of Japan. Truman was advised that the casualties would be in the neighborhood of one million should the US try to invade. The bomb was dropped.
I'll check out your post. Thanks.

Thanks for the visit. Wilson was a typical academic dreamer who thought he was much smarter than the average American. I think BO is of the same ilk.

Always On Watch said...

The two most important books of our time: Liberal Fascism and Liberty and Tyranny.

Law and Order Teacher said...

Thanks for the visit.
I've read them both. Solid stuff.