Friday, April 10, 2009


I want to believe in my country. I want to believe that Americans will be able to chart their own path as our ancestors have done. I remember reading in a small town newspaper that my grandfather and his cousin had innovated and rigged an apparatus to the front of a car and used it to harvest their crop of potatoes. This was around 1910-1915, when my grandfather was 20 or so. He went on to fight in the First World War.

Americans have always been innovators. It is what put us out front of all the other countries in the world. We were the country everyone pointed to and said, "We need to do that to get better." In the First World War, the Allies wanted us in the war, not for our great army, they were mostly conscripts, but because we were the economic engine of the world. They needed our capacity to manufacture stuff.

When the Great Depression hit the world America went into isolationism. In other words, America shut out the the world. When FDR came to power in 1933, incidentally the same year that Hitler became Chancellor, he ditched the London Economic Conference and that led to extreme nationalism throughout the world.

Deficit spending became the norm and that became the way out of the depression for the US. The problem is that the spending didn't end the depression. Unemployment remained high for the decade of the 1930s and no amount of nostalgia will change that. THE NEW DEAL DIDN'T END THE DEPRESSION. Sorry, that gets me exercised.

When the Second World War dawned, patriotic fervor took over and Americans of every ethnicity, rolled up their sleeves and went to work. Young men enlisted and went to war. Young girls went into the factories and went to work. It was a time that everyone pulled together. This time proved to all Americans that we can do what it takes to save our country and the world.

I'm sure feelings like this are quaint to some, but they are very real to many. When did we lose our country? When did we lose the will to excel? When did we find it acceptable to be second and even third place and not be Americans? Americans are winners. We don't apologize for being exceptional. We revel in it.

Now our president is on a worldwide apology tour. We, as Americans, are arrogant. Really Mr. President? Are we arrogant and do we need to apologize? Well, let's look at what we need to apologize for.

The North American continent was dominated by people who reveled in human sacrifice and intertribal warfare. Really? If they had been able to put aside their intertribal hatred they could have driven the outmanned pilgrims and the other English in Jamestown from the American continent. They couldn't do it. Why couldn't they get together? Too many grudges. It isn't PC? Sorry.

As for the Spanish, same applies. This vast land was open for the taking. Basically, the "Native" Americans weren't using it. Were the Europeans brutal, yes. Were the "Native" Americans brutal, yes. What is the answer to this dilemma?

There is a school of thought that "Native" Americans weren't here first. This find asks the question, were Europeans or their ancestors here first? If that's the case the term "Native" Americans is bogus. That would certainly mess up the history, eh?

History is up for grabs. All the America/Europeans as the oppressor talk has another side to it. We have only heard one. There is another. Europeans aren't all bad. Really? Flush your toilet, take a shower, drive your car, wear clothes that are cheap, eat fast food, go to college and take a flight across the country. There you go.

As for the First World War and the Second World War, well do you need more information?

In Korea, over 30,000 died. That was to protect South Koreans who really, now don't appreciate our sacrifice. In Vietnam, over 50,000 of our countrymen died. For the first time we asked why? In Grenada, Panama, the first Gulf War, the Balkans, Afghanistan, and Iraq, we didn't ask why, we died for others. The president said we aren't at war with Muslims. No kidding, Mr. President. See: Iraq, the Balkans, etc.

Look at our dead. Look at where they are buried. We never asked asked why, we just did. That's America.

I decorated my dad's grave yesterday. April 9th was his 80th birthday. He fought for his country. He is eighteen. The Korean War called. He answered. Enough said.


Z said...

OH, man, L&0...this is an incredible post. I have to admit it got me teary.
My mother's and sister's birthdays are today, the 10th, by the way, not that that matters, but...coincidence.

WOW, is this a fantastic piece. Thank you so much. So true, so beautifully done. Amazing. I'm sending your blog link to friends....people need to read this. Thanks.

Z said...

I think this gorgeous piece fits my latest post so I'm linking to you..thanks.. !!

Texas Truth said...

You did it again. You brought me to tears. Thanks for making me look up to the heavens and thanking my father for what he did for me, our family, and our country. Thank you. Thank you so very much for reminding me what I should work to better remember every day!

Always On Watch said...

I came here via Z's site.

You asked, When did we lose the will to excel?

I'm not sure of the answer exactly, but for me I saw the loss of the will to excel happen in 1972. Let me explain.

I did very well in college and graduated summa cum laude with a B.A. in Spanish. I'm not bragging, just stating a fact.

When I went to apply for my first teaching job in the public school system, the director of personnel told me, "I'm not sure that we should hire you. Your grades are so high that you may not be able to understand students who have trouble learning Spanish."

At that moment, I realized that excelling was not as desirable as mediocrity.

I went home and cried.

Since that day in 1972, I have watched America become more and more pervaded by this tone of mediocrity and of "do your own thing." Also since that day in 1972, I've watched as loving America has become unacceptable to many.

Now, with BHO's apology tour, we're seeing the fruits of three decades of anti-Americanism.

Every time I drive by Arlington cemetery and see those rows of graves -- among those graves lie some members of my family -- I feel so sad that the America for which they died has largely disappeared. Have we reached the point of no return?

Elmers Brother said...

When the Unions take over the work place innovation and creativity died...because no longer are you paid based on your longer can you make MORE money based on your get paid just for showing up and the mediocre, lazy SOB co-worker gets paid the same as you despite the fact that he's a lazy SOB AND the Union will defend his lazy a*s because he pays his dues.

Union shops force companies to look for cheap labor outside of this country because unskilled laborers are highly overpaid.

You want to know when our country died?

The day we let the cultural Marxist decide that Judeo-Christian values were no longer valid and they began to destroy our families, our mores and values, (including the workplace) and redefining terms like unborn child into fetus.

Tapline said...

L&O Teach, Great Post, Unfortunately,people have short memories and they are not taught Historical fact as it happened in school and this has been going on for many many years now. I was watching a program on TV the other night about a professor who was going over history books,(textbooks) and pointing out lies that are being taught as truths to our students. Its enough to make a minister swear.....stay well...

Law and Order Teacher said...

Thanks for the visit and the link. I read your latest post and I will comment there. It was great.

Thanks for the visit. I know your dad was a military guy who did his part for America. Those of us that were that privileged are lucky to have them as role models.

Thanks for the visit. I have admired your posts and your blog. I agree with your comments. I don't understand in any way how a school would not want to hire the best teachers possible. To say to you that you are too smart is despicable. Our school system has failed. And it's not all because teachers are good. The bureaucracy and the union are the most culpable.

Thanks for the visit. I agree the unions' influence has been onerous at best. They no longer are about helping to get the best for their workers, they are no about getting and retaining power. They are in an unholy alliance with the Dems to the detriment of business and government.

As always thanks for the visit. I deal with this stuff everyday and I refuse to try to be PC. I teach the facts and let them lead the students where they may. I refuse to spin history.

Average American said...

Great post. It's just to bad that nobody has the answer. Things have turned to shit because we, the collective we, let it. I think one of the biggest culprits was when disciplining children became unfashionable. That led to the destruction of family and family values, which in turn ruined the notion that one should take responsibility for one's own actions. God forbid maybe when you do shit, it's YOUR fault!

Law and Order Teacher said...

Thanks for the visit. Isn't it telling that Dr. Spock, the guru of allowing children to discipline themselves, recanted his terribly destructive advice? I hope he's happy with the havoc he wrought.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Much as it pains me to write, I believe that the bulk of AMERICANS are to BLAME.

More and more, Americans want, DEMAND, perfection. They seek this perfection through the courts. They seek perfection for their children. At work. At play. In their healthcare. In their businesses. In their markets, their gas stations, their environment, their electrical outlets. They want, no, they DEMAND perfection.

And humans are far from perfect.

So they sue. They utilize lawyers. They want regulations. They want perfection. Nothing less than perfection will do. They fail to realize that Life in inherently IMPERFECT.

Our politicians, through the years, have done little more than acquiesce to the demands that fat, besotted, corrupt, arrogant, self-centered Americans have demanded.



Law and Order Teacher said...

Thanks for the visit. I reluctantly must agree. The question is can we turn it around?

Anonymous said...


I want to believe in my country too. I served her for 29 years. My oath of office continues to bind me to our Constitution. But when I hear stories about the United States Navy requiring presidential authority to do their jobs, and when I read stories like this one, I have to admit there are times when I think Americans do not deserve their warriors.

Your post is a wonderful reflection about the America you and I were born to; it is a grand acknowledgment of our fathers, and theirs. We cannot make that observation about the America today; an America that would have so little regard for their uniqueness as Americans that they would deign to elect an Ă˜bama to the presidency. Shades of Carter (lessons not learned), only much, much worse.

With that said, my sincere warm regards to you and yours on this Easter Sunday. We can rejoice: He Lives!

Donald Douglas said...

Hope you're having a great Easter!

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Wow. Very heavy post for me and, oddly enough, my father's birthday is tomorrow, Tuesday.

He would have been 89. He passed away at 88 on February 11th this year.

I too will be visiting his grave.


Law and Order Teacher said...

Thanks for the visit. Let's hope that this reflects not the past, but the future. Although my optimism is flickering at this point. I will refuse at this point to give up on my country. One for which I have sworn twice to protect from all enemies, foreign and domestic and have sworn allegiance to the same. Still effect for me.

Thanks for the visit.

Heavy for me too. I guess we need to be thankful we were their sons.

PRH....... said...

Steve: We are lost as a country. I'm off to Lima to see if I can help find it.

Z said...

L&0...I happened upon a TV show tonight where the new Archibishop of New York was interviewed. I believe his name is Timothy Dolan. I'm telling you, this is ONE FINE man. Nobody's perfect (!) but this man is well spoken, humble, and WISE.
I loved that he addressed Giuliani's having taken communion from Pope Benedict; when asked if he'd have handled it the same way Egan had, he agreed and said "Our job is not to embarrass publicly with chastisement but to him aside privately and teach him. If he decides he can't give up the pro abortion stance, advise him that communion is not something he should take...if he does again, talk to him again..." He didn't beat around the bush and deny that he'd not advise high profile Catholics who are proabortion to take communion but handled it so well.
I'd check him out if I were you, if you already haven't. If he's written any books, I'd consider reading them.
I'm not Catholic, but this guy's really good!
Where've you been? All okay?! Your posts are missed. xxx z

Law and Order Teacher said...

See you at your blog. Thanks for the visit.