Saturday, April 18, 2009


My friend, Z, GeeeeZ, (blogroll) got me to thinking about my religion. While I do try to be a good Catholic, I sometimes forget, or don't think about it as much as I should. She brought up a great religious man to me. I did some research and I'm convinced, this is a good man.

Timothy Michael Dolan, an Irish Catholic, may be the first American Pope. Really? Yes. Read the homily he spoke in his installation Mass. He speaks to the absolute tenets of the Church. It would be an incredible moment in the Church to have an American Pope. Go onto the link and listen to his homily, but beware, the homily is about an hour into the video. Sorry.
At the least, read the homily. He is a great thinker and he speaks to all of us.
This is a conservative guy who gets it. Watch Bloomberg as he struggles to his feet to applaud the Archbishop's statement about abortion. Priceless. You will need to go to the end to see it.


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

He may have to wait a while. . .


Law and Order Teacher said...

I agree. But I think this archbishop represents the greatest possibility in my lifetime. Thanks for the visit.

Ducky's here said...

An American pope?

You mean a schism like Avignon? Not sure what value that would be.

Law and Order Teacher said...

I'm not quite square with your Avignon reference. Are you saying an American pope would lead to a split from other Catholic areas?

The Avignon schism stemmed mostly from the power exercised by an absolute Frence monarch. Why wouldn't an American pope take the throne of St. Peter at the Vatican as other popes have? What about an Asian or African pope as some are espousing?

Or should we allow the papacy to remain mainly the province of Europeans? Interesting question but I think it would be in the interest of the Church that an American should lead. I think Dolan would be able to halt the slide of western culture into oblivion as a leader on the world stage.

He is a old-line Catholic who lines up with the doctrines of the Church. That appeals to many Catholics looking for some solidity in the Church.

Far be it for me to chastize but the "social justice" wing of the Church is trying to gain traction within the hierarchy and that is something that will split the Church. I certainly can't buy into trashing the doctrines.

Rest assured I understand that you don't agree with my assessment. But I must admit that your Avignon reference leads me to question whether you see a schism with an American pope simply because he is an American?

Z said...

I'm so pleased that you looked into him and presented this beautiful link, too. What I'm NOT pleased about is that I spent about 30 minutes watching them talking on the steps of St. Pat's and then SLOWLY shuffling in, WAY too much of Bloomberg (smile), and some music, and then I hit something on my computer and that was THAT! And the video can't be fast forwarded, as you said! ARGH! SO, I didn't have the nerves to try again, but I hope to. I did look fairly closely at the homily...I loved his beginning and end. As they say "the smart homily has a great beginning, a super end, and those should be as close together as possible!" :-)

I was SO impressed with the interview I heard the other night and I, too, hope he's a candidate for Pope, God forbid anything happens to Benedict..he IS old, after all! Thanks, L&0. I was touched that you did this blog.
And, imagine the Archbishop of NY standing on the steps saying "Hey, Tom! Thanks for comin' by!" cracked me UP!

The Vegas Art Guy said...

Does his abortion stance make him a right wing extremist?

Law and Order Teacher said...

I loved the personal greetings also. He seems like a genuine guy who certainly likes to laugh (the Irish). I admire his stance on Church teaching. He seems like a Benedict kind of guy. Benedict too, is a rock on the teachings of the Church. Also, I admire the towering intellect of both. Thanks for the heads up.

He fits the bill of a DHS possible, right wing terrorist. I wonder if the cathedral's tax exempt status is in jeopardy?

The Vegas Art Guy said...

I'm sure Perez Hilton is calling up Nancy Pelosi as I type this to launch an investigation into their status.