Monday, September 1, 2008


Most of the time this is true. I go back to school tomorrow. I have felt so fortunate that I can teach school after my prior two careers. My first was a little stressful, as was my second. My third, well it is a joy.

Then I think about my family and I am feeling very fortunate. I have a wife who loves me, I sometimes wonder why, and my kids love me, again I've tried to be a role model. When I walk into my classroom everyday I know I'm a lucky man.

I've had some body blows, but I still consider myself a lucky man.


Obob said...

that is the measure of a person. What they do with thier lives and how they impact those around them.
And I am very jealous you are getting back into the classroom. I am still looking for a gig ths fall.

Average American said...


The teaching profession has to be the most rewarding of all. It may not pay the best, but the total compensation far outweighs the almighty dollar. Years from now, a middle age person will stop you and thank you for being a large part of who they are. That person could easily be the President of the United States. As a former Boy Scout Leader for 16 years, I can guarantee you will have many moments like that, maybe not a future President, but most certainly people who became who they are because of you. Keep up the good work!


Law and Order Teacher said...

obob, AA,
Thanks for the visits. I realize how incredibly lucky I am to be a teacher, and I look forward to being there everyday. It's rewarding to be involved in kid's lives everyday. I am a lucky man.