Saturday, August 30, 2008


I wanted to give a shout out to my soccer team. We played one of the top teams in our area. Everyone, and I mean everyone, thought we would be annihiliated. We lost 4-1. I can live with that because we fought to the very end and played as hard as we were capable. We are fighting low numbers and now injuries. Our team played their hearts out and I told them how proud of them I was. We played a great game and really we ran out of gas because we didn't have subs. We are going to be better because I had five freshman playing in the game at the start and they played the majority of the game. I am thrilled and excited about the rest of the season.


The Vegas Art Guy said...

Good for you. I hope your team continues to improve as the year goes on. Keep us up to date!

Law and Order Teacher said...

We followed that with an even better game. We tied a team 2-2 that beat us last year 12-0. The players were in it to the end and we really should have won it. More importantly, the players were not accepting of a tie. They wanted the win.