Friday, September 5, 2008


I have not enjoyed someone's speech as much as Sarah Palin's in many years. If you listen to Reagan at his best, this is it. She is able to skewer her opponents with grace, aplomb, and venom. She is able to get right to the heart of BO's shortcomings, pull them out for all to see, and then make the kill. Amazing.

I have always supported McCain, because he was one of my heroes. He has taken on a new cast with me because he wasn't afraid of Sarah Palin stealing his spotlight. He instinctivley knew that she would complement him, not overshadow him. She is without a doubt a formidable woman. McCain once again proves his unparalled courage. Match that.


Donald Douglas said...

Sarah Palin has me so energized, and I've been energized all year - think what she's doing to the Limbaugh-Malkin contingents. This is phenomenal!!

Anonymous said...

Me, too! I am 56 years old and have finally found a political female who represents my views.

Law and Order Teacher said...

Dr.D, Nun,
Sarah Palin is truly a powerful conservative that has the Dems apoplectic with rage. They can't stand someone who is her beliefs and lives them without apology. She will put McCain over the top. They just don't get us, do they.

Law and Order Teacher said...


In_spired said...

L&O Teach:

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Love how you corrected your punctuation!!

Also loved the Barracuda post!!