Saturday, September 6, 2008


Good music makes you think. This one set me to thinking about my experience and was it worth it. When it was all said and done, I wondered a lot. What did it all mean. We lost, not because we didn't win, but because we were forced to forfeit. The question becomes, what did it matter. We lost over 58,000 brothers and apparently it didn't matter. We forfeited.

I am working at the moving Vietnam Wall in my hometown. I will comfort my brothers and myself about our fate. We fought with our heart, soul, and being. We weren't allowed to win.


Anonymous said...


Thank you for your continued service. You are a tribute to what is right about the military and those who put others before them.

Average American said...


The same pain that is pulling at your heartstrings is pulling at mine, brother. To live day after day remembering that we lost over 58,000 of our comrades for absolutely nothing makes me so MAD at the media, the government, and the American people, that I could cry. And I do. I also fight to stay the course in Iraq and anywhere else we send and lose people. Never again should this country spill blood in vain. I wish I could bring myself to visit the wall. The traveling version is coming to a town 6 miles away from me soon. I don't think I am ready yet.


Law and Order Teacher said...

Thanks for the visit. Military members who serve their country are heroes. Nothing more and nothing less. That said, many more did more than me and I am humbled by their spirit and courage.

Law and Order Teacher said...

AA, brother,
I am OK with my service. I got by it and I'm good. Here's hoping you will get there. When I visited the wall I was overwhelmed and then at peace. Acceptance is key. I accepted my time. Be proud of yourself and don't let the outside crap invade. Veterans should feel good with each other. Screw everyone else. You owe yourself peace. God bless you.