Monday, May 10, 2010


Sometimes I'm ashamed of some of those in my profession. This guy is a seriously dangerous guy to have in a classroom. Apparently he is a social studies teacher in a "social justice" school. Besides the fact that he is a little wrong on his history, he's espousing the overthrow of capitalism and by extension the evil, white US. This guy glorifies Castro, Che, Chavez and any number of "enlightened" communist/socialist leaders who have made a career of murder and totalitarianism.

I wonder if because of my German heritage I were to espouse the wisdom of Bismarck. He united all the German pricipalities culminating in the newly united Germany in 1871. To do so he fought three wars against in order, Denmark, Austria, and France. After all, there are millions of Americans of German descent and should they all realize that they were used for most of their early stay in America, to perform manual labor in demeaning jobs and as cannon fodder in this nation's wars, they should rise up against the power structure and overthrow evil capitalism. We could certainly be joined by our Irish brothers who, too, were brought low by demeaning labor reserved for the lowest in society. What if I were to preach this to my students and radicalize them to become revolutionaries?

Oh right, most people of German and Irish descent assimilated, worked hard, learned the language and customs and have lived the American dream. They succeeded because they strived to do so. Hard work really does pay off.

By the way, the Mexican-American War was over in 1848. The US gained the land for 15 million dollars after a short but decisive war. The Mexicans gained the southwestern US after revolting against Spain. They invited Americans to settle in Texas, as long as they became Catholic and Mexican citizens. The Texans had enough of the ill treatment by the Mexican government and fought and gained independence for Texas in 1836, becoming a state in Feb. 1845, before the M/A war. Whose land was it? Seems to belong to whomever could take it.

Normally, I would ignore this jerk, but he's dangerous because he has access on a daily basis to young impressionable students. I'm sure he doesn't bring his prejudice to class. I'm sure he's a professional. Right.


WomanHonorThyself said...

youre so right...private school may be the only panacea!

Law and Order Teacher said...

Thanks for the visit. This guy is one serious problem for his school. Although I'm sure he's welcomed with open arms for his diversity.

Z said...

And Ducky blames 'rightwingers' for home schooling???
This guy is a serious problem for American society, not just for his school!.....dangerous and shameless. THIS is what our kids are getting? WOW

all the best, L&0...z

Brooke said...

Of course, you KNOW this guy is not teaching children... He is in that classroom using his bully pulpit to indoctrinate!

Ducky's here said...

Well, in Boston the Irish infiltrated local government and we've been paying the price for that infiltration ever since, a heavy price.

Hardly an assimilation.

z, don't put words in my mouth. Homeschoolers often want to put their kids in an environment that won't challenge the idea that dinosaurs were on the ark. They will do no better in producing thoughtful students than this clown.

Ducky's here said...

Anyway, it's anecdotal. A child is much more likely to be presented with boring mush.

On the indoctrination front the Libertarians are presenting a view of history that eliminates and distorts progressive thought. In the end you have to develop a healthy skepticism about what you learn and move on from their.

Unfortunately, most will pretty much drop any serious study of history after High School. Doesn't pay.

Law and Order Teacher said...

Thanks for the visit. I agree that he's a serious problem for the country because he was talking to a cheering crowd. As for home schooling, I'm generally not in favor and not because I'm a teacher. I think kids need the socialization aspect of school. As for the teacher problem, I agree and I wish this guy was picking up dog poop in the park, not teaching.

Indoctrination is the right word and it's a scary proposition.

I get your point about home schooling. As I stated above I'm not generally in favor of it, but it sound a little self-serving.

I think students miss the socialization and the instruction of a good, professional teacher. Most that I know are.

As for libertarians presenting a view of history that distorts progressive thought. I don't. I think it's instructional to let them speak for themselves. Wilson and his minions said enough off the wall, racist stuff to fill volumes. Eugenics was a real nice thought process I think.

I just thought I'd set the record straight that I don't consider myself a libertarian. I can't get past the social part of the philosophy. Thanks for the visit.

Anonymous said...

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Tapline said...

Is this advocating the overthrow of our government?. sounds like it to me....revolution???????Is there no end to this BS seems like there should be a limit somewhere.....

Law and Order Teacher said...

We can only wish. These type of "teachers" hide behind academic freedom to spout their destructive rhetoric to unsuspecting kids. I wish their was an end to this crap, but I don't see it.