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If you are not familiar with George Whitefield, he was the foremost religious figure of the period of US history referred to as the "Great Awakening." This period certainly had a profound effect on colonial America and he is sometimes credited with inspiring the American Revolution with his appeals to the colonists concerning their "individual rights."

I think a case can be made for his preaching about individual rights igniting a new way of thinking among the rank and file colonists. In a time of royal domination, individual rights had a certain appeal and enough colonists rallied to that concept to bring on the revolution. The result is the existence of the United States Constitution, a document dedicated to protecting individual rights from government usurpation.

I am stunned by the quote below. After studying US history for most of my life, I was always of the opinion that the breakdown of relations between the American colonies and its mother country of Great Britain deteriotated because of a principle of "salutary neglect." Throughout its possession of colonies in the America, beginning in 1607 with Jamestown (the Lost Colony of Roanoke was just that), Britain was preoccupied with many colonial wars with Spain and France. Conventional thinking is that Britain ignored the American colonies at its own peril, resulting in a self-governing country growing up right under the British nose.

George Whitefield stated the following:

“I can’t in conscience leave the town without acquainting you with a secret. My heart bleeds for America. O poor New England! There is a deep laid plot against your civil and religious liberties, and they will be lost. Your golden days are at an end. You have nothing but trouble before you. . . . Your liberties will be lost.”

Readings do suggest that the British were stunned by the recalcitrance of the colonies as it pertains to British control in the form of taxes. But I've never taken into account this quote. Could the British have been plotting for the demise of the colonies as their arrogance and power grew, threatening the control of the British? Was the Revolution part of a British plan to bring the situation to a head and confront the colonists on the battlefield? That's what makes history so much fun to study.

I finish by asking this question: Does Whitefield's quote have a present day application?

Something to think about.


Ducky's here said...

A column on the status of religion

in America. I think Carroll is one of the better columnists writing today. We are a long way from the 18th century.

Ducky's here said...

I would also say that virtually any colonial New Englander speaking about religious liberty wasn't preaching tolerance.

It's interesting that common high school history has the pilgrims (a severe abusive Baptist sect) seeking religious liberty. Well yeah, for themselves. They had no interest in any one else having that freedom.

Also, I don't believe a Libertarian can speak of nation or community when they might be so deeply attached to the cult of individualism that it overrides the best interests of both. A fallacious belief that the individual has an extensive meaning outside the wider community.

Pablo said...

By the way, the Mexican-American War was over in 1848. The US gained the land for 15 million dollars after a short but decisive war. The Mexicans gained the southwestern US after revolting against Spain. They invited Americans to settle in Texas, as long as they became Catholic and Mexican citizens. The Texans had enough of the ill treatment by the Mexican government and fought and gained independence for Texas in 1836, becoming a state in Feb. 1845, before the M/A war. Whose land was it? Seems to belong to whoever could take it….

The Mexican Government at that time was Roman Catholic. Mexico freed its slaves a hundred or so years before America was forced to do so. Texicans were not mistreated by the Mexican government; they resented Catholic Mexicans and Catholic Priests. Those words are in the Texas State Constitution.

Those pushing for Texas Statehood were lodge brothers and descendants of the Separatists that came over from Europe to live free from Christ and His Church.

Genral Santanna de Martinez was a double agent. He sold Mexico’s lands to the gringos. He was a Freemason helping other Freemasons.

… Seems to belong to whoever could take it…. This means California now belongs to the Mexicans, as they have overpopulated that State while the Gringos have turned queer, aborted their offspring, and taken so many contraceptives it can be found in their drinking water now.

In your post RISE UP, THOSE OF EUROPEAN DESCENT! that communist monkey is an idiot.

In no way does he speak for Mexicans. He is just a modern day American Angela Davis, a product of the American Government School System.

Your blog brings up some interesting issues. I hope you continue to have comments.