Monday, May 3, 2010


My first instinct is to rip the Obama administration for its absolutely ridiculous response to the Gulf oil spill. They were slow and then began the blame game that they have resorted to in every situtation that they've confronted. But you see, I think there's a bigger issue here. This is proof positive of the complete ineptitude of the federal government in responding to any crisis quickly other than those of a military nature. Of course, sometimes those are botched also, civilian leadership being what it is, what with politics and all.

For those of you willing to throw your lot in with the federal government when it comes to serving you, I say watch and learn. The federal government response to Katrina, contrary to MSM and leftie statements, was not racially motivated, it was an inevitable consequence of federal government ineptness. The federal government is too large of a leviathan to do anything quickly and once put into action it is incapable of doing anything with precision. The federal government simply doesn't know the turf.

I for one, am not comfortable placing my safety and welfare in the hands of the federal government. The police and fire are local entities and as such they understand intimately the communities they serve. When the federal government gets involved confusion reigns. Again, I trust the military to do its duty, but the civilian leadership, while necessary, should in an emergency get out of the way and let the military do what it's trained to do.

In the last two major crises the state and local governments were paralyzed by the fact that they had to wait on the federal government for money. The mayor of NO and the governor of Louisiana failed miserably because they abdicated their responsibility to the federal government. The local and state government are capable of responding well and should do so. Load the busses, Ray!

The bombing in NY this weekend was handled early on by the NYPD and FDNY. They performed admirably and took care of the citizens who pay them. They responded quickly and professionally and took care of the situation. Local government is better because it localized and small. The federal government is unresponsive. State and local governments that abdicate to the federal government are not serving their taxpayers.

How many times does the federal government have to fail before the people say enough is enough? When will it become apparent why the founding fathers distrusted the federal government? The framers purposely set up the constitution to be a document that checked federal power and left the majority of the power with local and state governments. What did they know that we didn't? Where did we go wrong?


JUDGE TRUTH 101 said...

What were the feds supposed to do Law Teacher? BP first said it was a thousnad gallons a minute and could handle it. Not long after that it was up to 5,000 gallons a minute and they were begging for help.

Do you have some special knowledge of a government do-hicke that can change the direction of the wind and alter the tide?

There is ahuge difference between this and Katrina. We knew Katrina was coming and had time to plan. We don't have weather reports about oil leaks and oil rig explosions.

The blame for this belongs to BP. You and many other right leaning bloggers are doing your best to spin this as a government error. You are all dead wrong.

Respectfully: T101

Tapline said...

Teach, "Where did we go wrong?" I'll tell you we bent to the power of money......MOney from the Fed...Money to the State from the fed and in many cases, If you don't do as we (Sam) we won't give you MONEY......That's where we went wrong....Blame the Government for this mess getting too close to land....Yes blame where it should go. If there was an oil leak 16 miles from the mainland shuldn't the 'Government be checking,,,regardless of what an Oil Company says is happening?????? No spin just facts.....we were faced with an oil leak!!!are we going to check it out or just say the company can handle it?????Get real.....stay well....

Brooke said...

Local is always better.

You're right, how many times must the Fed fail before we've had enough?

Napolitano was so worried about tea partiers that she didn't bother keeping track of the NY terrorist.

dmarks said...

Don't forget the fact that as far as the Obama administration has been concerned, the oil rigs have been just fine as they are. Their state is the result of the decisions of the current President.

Judge said: ""You and many other right leaning bloggers are doing your best to spin this as a government error."

Yet, on your own blog, leftist commentors are trying to blame it on the government error of Bush. I guess the real difference is whether or not there is an "R" after someone's name or not.

Law and Order Teacher said...

Did you read what I typed? I said I didn't blame on Obama anymore than I blamed it Bush. I blamed it on the inability of gvernment to respond well to any crisis. I would hope you would read past the first couple of lines to get the gist of what I was saying. Of course BP was at fault. The point of this was that government can do nothing in this situation and those who expect it to trust a little too much in government. That's the point.

Good day sir.

Moral: Don't wait for the federal government to do anything. Thanks for the visit.

Napolitano is inept and is just a government shill and a figurehead. The only problem is Obama will probably appoint her to the Supreme Court. Now that's scary.

I agree. The government is unable to respond to these kinds of situation yet we continue to expect that it will. It's the government that's the problem, not either president. Thanks for the visit.

Anonymous said...

The libs sooooooo wanted the Times Square Bomber to be a right wing Tea Party goer.
The Obama administration didn't just PLAY DOWN the fact that Shahzad had boarded the plane, they blatantly LIED about it - Eric Holder, in his statement to the Nation, said that Shahzad was apprehended as he was TRYING TO BOARD the plane - LIES flow easily and often from the Obama administration and are never challenged by the corrupt and fawning Media
The US Government did nothing to stop this guy before he set off his bomb. When the bomb fizzled, concerned citizens noticed and call local law enforcement and the fire department. After that is when the Obama crew became aware of the incident. Since law enforcement had a vehicle, all in one piece, it was easy for them to back track and locate the idiot.

Least we forget; no one in Obuma's homeland security farce actually stopped Fartisal Shahzad's bomb. Bottom line is obvious, if he had a good bomb it would have leveled the block.. Napolitano/Obuma also gets "F" on plane security; how the heck did Fartisal get on that plane with his name on the no fly list ? Interesting none of these articles ever says that he was mooselum like Obuma
Aside from all the other obvious LIES and INCOMPETENCE of the Obama Administration and the CORRUPT , FAWNING and BABBLING Media, there was striking BABBLING going on by Government Officials about the methods and procedures used to track SHAHZAD

Anonymous said...

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Z said...

Law &Order...things certainly went badly during Katrina but the Bush people had warned things were coming and they waited for the State to ASK for help once the trouble started, which is what's supposed to happen but which is stupid, as you suggest, because the State should have taken up the cause the midwesterners did about a month later in those terrible floods when they barely got a mention in the media or a dollar from FEMA in comparison...they should have taken the helm but the media'd probably have slammed them if they had.
But, of course, the State should have also been very well aware of the levies and their age and fragility...yet, the media blamed the WH for not keeping up on the construction of levies!??

Then NO let those buses sit there ..remember? Then we had Mexicans brought in to help clean the stadiums where New Orleans refugees went because the refugees wouldn't clean up after themselves... was the Fed supposed to do that, too?

dmark (hi!), I believe, is saying something important which I just alluded to: Bush got blame for not knowing the levies could burst; Obama gets nothing for not knowing oil rigs could blow. Both accusations would be NUTS...but, as he also says, There's no "R" after Obama's name (thank God)

Law and Order Teacher said...

Welcome. Your opening line says it all. Bloomberg actually voiced the thought that maybe the bomber was someone against health care. Who elected this jackass?

Thanks for the visit. This all goes back to the folly of abdicating responsibility to the federal government. The responsibilty or blame for the bad outcome of Katrina belongs to Nagan and Blanco, not Bush. Just as the responsibility for the oil spill belongs to BP.

The pushing back of frontiers sometimes results in catastrophes. The astronauts who perished through the development of the space program prove that. The federal government is more of a hinderance than a help to progress.

Carl Wicklander said...

"The federal government is too large of a leviathan to do anything quickly and once put into action it is incapable of doing anything with precision."

I think that probably captures the need for limited government. I can't really expect a creature with as many appendages as our federal government to react very quickly to an emergency. With all that baggage, it takes a while to pack up all their belongings and get to the site.

I lean in the direction of support for local control, only so long as that leviathan isn't unmanageable either. State governments have made it a practice lately to get pretty fat too.