Friday, April 30, 2010


Once again, the United Nations has reached new heights in its quest for total and utter irrelevance. What could the UN have possibly done to further marginalize itself? After all, this is the organization that has been involved in countless scandals some of which are incredibly off the charts by anyone's standards except for Saddam Hussein. "Food for Oil", blue helmeted "soldiers" who are really paid and UN sanctioned rapists, it never ends.

So the UN is looking for another successful venture to further veer into irrelevance. I got it, let's make Iran a member of the group ensuring women's rights. Really? Stoning and hanging for adultery, arrest for having a tan, lashing for short skirts, need I go on? The UN needs to go away and the US needs to stop supporting this travesty of an organization. How can we even contemplate funding this cesspool. We provide 26% of the UN's budget. Really? Why does this occur?

I had a professor in college who often said "you can't spell unnecessary without UN." I would change it to "you can't spell unbelievable without UN."

One world government under the UN. Kumbaya. Bullshit.


Brooke said...

The whole thing is a farce. It needs to go the way of the LoN.

Anonymous said...

Better say nothing than nothing to the purpose. ........................................

Ducky's here said...

And that is the problem trying to be a world organization. You have to try to deal with all the players and some of them are very bad actors.

Actually Iran is far from the worst on this issue. Nothing like Saudi or Afghanistan... and there has been some progress in Saudi.

It's foolish to expect this kind of cultural turn around won't take a long, long time. How long did it take for women to get the vote? And never mind control of her body, that ain't part of this discussion with the right.

Ducky's here said...

What's the LoN?

Law and Order Teacher said...

I agree with you that the UN needs to go away.

She refers to the League of Nations. One of the most brilliant politicians in American history engineered the demise of the Treaty of Versailles in the Senate, Henry Cabot Lodge. He was a lifelong Bostonian. His problem was with Article 10 which required signatories to come to the defense of any signatory that was attacked. A real problem in defending the war-like Europeans.

Tapline said...

I think the United States has become irrelivant in the UN. If we do have a voice I think the wrong things are being said.....stay well

Ducky's here said...

Well Teacher, another brilliant politician did end up getting into that war. He also managed to make sure we went in late enough to be the last world economy standing.

When we talk about America's economic dominance that is never mentioned.

So the Republican plays the isolationist and the Dem engineers the war. A little counter to stereotype but Wilson, FDR, Kennedy ...

Law and Order Teacher said...

I would agree with the addition that the whole UN is irrelevant.

I think you won't be surprised that I'm not a fan of Wilson. Brilliant man, bad president. I'm not a fan of his progressivism. Plus it's hard to get past his racism.

FDR, not so good on the economy, great war president.

JFK, was a hero to we Catholics. He certainly had a little problem with his moral compass. He doesn't get blamed for opening the Vietnam door, but he was good on the economy with his tax cuts.

He also stood up to the commies as he was a real hard-core cold warrior. All in all a good president. I wish he could have finished out his presidency.

Z said...

Mr Z always said we should throw the UN out of New York....getting out of it all together....they constantly vote against us and we pay and pay and pay....Brooke is right.

Ducky is almost right about Iran and women; though the hard core islamists treat them as badly there in their families as the other muslim countries; Iran was a mecca of HIGH and real sophistication and modernization for years......until the shah's fall, actually; now, sadly, they're slipping back, but many women are still pretty modern there; if they live through it's another story, poor things..

Turkey, too, is taking back steps after a glimmer of modernization hopes.

Law and Order Teacher said...

UNnecessary and UNbelievable indeed.