Thursday, April 22, 2010


Any reader of this blog may know that my daughter has MS. Saturday was the MS walk which could be ironically named. This has put me into a tailspin to be sure. But I have been a pansy compared to my daughter. Growing up she was a near national level soccer player. To have this amount of athleticism put in this jeopardy is hard for me to accept.

My daughter on the other hand is a rock. She has accepted this diagnosis and chosen to fight it tooth and nail, just as she did her opponents on the soccer field. She still plays soccer several times a week. I wish I had her courage. She is a special education teacher and works hard everyday without giving in.

When you think of people, remember these heroes who fight this insidious disease everyday. It has no cure, YET. We will walk for the cure for as long as I can walk.

I have to, my hero demands that I be strong.


tnlib said...

Oh my, L&OT. My heart goes out to you and your wife and to your strong-as-a-rock daughter. Attitude and fighting spirit mean everything in this disease.

I have several friends who've been stricken with MS. No disease is fun for anyone - victims, family or friends. The lack of a cure makes it all the more frustrating.

I read something a few months ago about a treatment that had been used for something else but was now showing some promise for people with MS. It'll be like searching for a needle in the haystack, but I'll see if I can locate it. It's not a cure so much as a method of slowing down the progress of the illness. Kind of like insulin for diabetics I guess.

I wish all of you my best wishes and hopes for the future.

Z said...

Hi, L& of my best friends has MS.....I don't have to tell you it's tough. I've had other friends with it whose disease didn't progress much at all over many years!...but I know you've done all the research and know all the variances, etc., or your daughter has and shared it.
I'll be praying for her, what a great girl you raised there to have such a wonderful attitude; the biggest gift parents can give a kid, I think, is a good attitude.
sending you prayers and

Oso said...

Law and Order,
God bless her,and you. It brings tears to my eyes,where I read she is your hero.

I will keep a good thought for her and for you.

tnlib said...

Did a little looking but decided you and your daughter have probably already seen it all and you certainly know much more than I do.

Just out of curiosity and not to be nosey, how old is she and when was she diagnosed? Like Z, I know many who's illness didn't progress at all for many years. One was the athletic coach at my girls' school back about 15 years ago and she's still going strong.

Like everyone here, you are in my thoughts.

Brooke said...

It galls me at the lack of research actually done when it comes to MS, such a horrid disease.

Your daughter is a rock, and kudos to her. She'll need you, though.

Hugs and prayers to you all.

JUDGE TRUTH 101 said...

Your daughter comes from good stock Law Teacher.

Anonymous said...

I share Oso's sentiments. I pray that God will bless your daughter, and you ... and give you strength.

Semper Fidelis,

Law and Order Teacher said...

She is truly stronger than me. She is 30 and has been diagnosed for 2years. She is really active and continues to be so today. She fights everyday. Thank you for your thoughts.

Thanks for your prayers. I knew I could count on you.

Thanks for your visit. She is my hero. I'm nothing compared to the courage she shows everyday in continuing to move on with her life.

Thanks for the visit. I'll always be there. As you would for yours.

Thanks for the compliment. She's tough because she's her own person who has taken charge of her life.

Thanks for the prayers.

Tapline said...

L&O Teach, I often wonder how I would react if I was stricken with something that was not curable,, It is not something I care to think about very long. I admire, and pray to God for her continued strength to endure..He can move mountains....

Law and Order Teacher said...

I depend on the Lord for everything in my day and everything in my life, including my family. His will be done. Thanks for the visit.

Anonymous said...

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PRH....... said...

Prayers and best of luck to your daughter as this plays out brother.....

Oso said...

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