Monday, September 28, 2009


I have written about my cats before and the ritual we have of dancing to music late at night on weekends. Mostly, the male cat, Bismarck, is OK with it. The female, Vol, was indulgent at best. She would look at us with a look that said, "What is wrong with you guys." But she was a good sport and danced too.

How did she get her name? Seven years ago, my wife, my daughter and I went out to eat after one of our soccer games. While there, the members of our team came into the restaurant with a cat. She was gray and very small. My daughter noticed that she had some orange spray paint on her. My daughter is a Tennessee Volunteer alum and orange is their color and she was immediately smitten with her. We took her to the vet and got medicine for her medical problems and she has been a member of our family ever since.

Recently, she was diagnosed with kidney problems and her health deteriorated. We hoped against hope that she could hang on for awhile. She lost about a quarter of her body weight and the vet told us she didn't have long. My daughter came home the other day to see her cat and it was really a cool thing to see them together. Vol was happy to see her, slept with her for the night and she seemed grateful my daughter was home to see her. Over the next couple of days she got worse and my wife told me last night that we had to decide to put her down if she suffered anymore. I told my wife I couldn't face seeing her go, so she said she would do it.

My wife came to see me at school today and told me that she woke up to Vol vomiting blood. She seemed to be in pain and my wife took her to the vet. Now she is gone.

I will miss her and Bismarck is still walking around the house looking for her. My wife said that Vol slept with her all night last night and that Bismarck kissed her good-by. It's tough when you lose a family member.

I believe that God has reserved a corner of heaven for animals that had to put up with humans as pets. I think they all are running around and happy. Someday we will be reunited and we will dance again. Good-by, Vol.


Z said...

Yes, I'm SURE Vol slept with your wife last night. THEY KNOW when they're going for good, I am so sure of that, L&O. I had to put down two cats who were like close friends to little girl Musetta lived till 20! Marcello was my cat soul mate...he went first and it might be one of THE hardest things I ever had to do.
We'd lived in Paris those 4 years before he died. He was sick, like your Vol, very suddenly, and I took him in and never took him home. I believe he waited for me to get back from Europe permanently....he died about a week later. I'll NEVER stop loving him.
She, Musetta, his sister, lived another 3 years...she knew she was dying, there's no doubt in my mind. She was like GLUE those last few days.
I'm SO SO sorry for your loss....and yes, you'll ALL be dancing, with your Dad and Uncle Glen, too,....some day.
thanks for this post.......just thinking of my two makes me cry. How I loved them

Brooke said...

I am sorry for your loss. Losing a dear pet is never easy.

Amazing how attached we can become to a mere animal. They wind up being so much more.

robert thomas and his thoughts said...

I'm also very sorry, I've been there and I know the feeling.

God Bless the little guy.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

I believe that Man still has dominion over animals.

It is up to Man on how to treat these animals.

I believe it is, by and large, Man's wonderful treatment of animals that they prosper and grow.

In certain circumstances, animals can become like children or humans. I know that, having lived that scheme.

Animals add markedly to our human lives. And, sometimes, in a way that can never be replicated.


Law and Order Teacher said...

Thanks to all. We are recovering nicely, but we still look around for her and miss her. Bismarck is still confused I think but he is getting used to his new circumstance. We have to be careful not to spoil him. He would certainly be OK with that. Thanks again.

Donald Douglas said...

I'm sorry, LOT. I remember one of our cats ate some poisoning when in high school, and when I tried to help him he hissed at me. We found him later in our garage. It was so sad.

Hope you're doing well other than that.

PRH....... said...

Always tough to lose a "Friend"..we have raised and kept as family Airedales for 35 years. Reagan{named after guess who?} is 11+ and slowing down with algeries...I tell myself she will be the last one...I can't stand losing them anymore. Of course the Cat(age 9) will probably outlive me, so I'll have somebody to keep me company in my retirement.

Law and Order Teacher said...

Thanks for the visit. I never really liked cats as a kid, but we gave in to my daughter when she was a kid and got her a cat. We've had them ever since. You know they won't live forever, but you wish they could.

I know your feeling about your dogs. I think as you get older you appreciate that your pets are great companions who don't judge and give unconditional love. Better than most people really.