Friday, September 25, 2009


When did it become racist to challenge the policies of the government. Apparently, it is now racist to criticize the president. Have I mentioned he is black? That apparently is the game changer. As long as there is a black president, dissent is out the window. I dissent to government.

I dissent to bigger government. I dissent to more government intrusion in my life. I dissent to government and it's inability to run anything without losing money and going into massive debt. I dissent to a massive central government that produces nothing and consumes everything.

When the word "entitlement" entered the government lexicon, it was downhill from there. To what are we entitled? How about what we pay for? I want a strong military, good roads, police and fire protection and that's about it. The rest I'm willing to pay for out of my check. Taxes? I forgot.

Health care can be paid for just like car insurance. I've always had employer insurance and for that I'm thankful. But if health care was portable and private, it would be much more affordable. I don't believe that of all the numbers that are thrown around that 45 or 6 million is accurate. But damn, it sounds horrible doesn't it?

I negotiated several contracts for my union and health care was always a huge issue. Insurance companies are in it to make money. Use that against them. Shop around and get the best deal. I don't recall that anyone said to me, "We like you and we'll help you succeed and take care of your family." I went and got a job when I left the military. Thankfully my dad a longtime post office employee got me a police job. Yeah, Right. The fact that my mother didn't work certainly put some weight behind my application. Really? I know, it must have been my white skin. Right. Gold mine.

Entitlements? Are you kidding me? Really what entitles us to anything? I worked for mine, you work for yours. That's simple right? Apparently not, because the government wants to take more and more of my money, money I worked for and give it to people who didn't earn it. I contribute to numerous charities all year long. I feel their pain. I also expect everyone, and I mean everyone to earn their keep.

I put two children through college on a cop's and nurse's salary. In the interest of full disclosure, my daughter was a great soccer player and got money. My son is extremely intelligent and got scholarship money after scoring a 34 on his ACT. But that hardly covered my family's expenses. I would like to think that my wife and I taught them to achieve, but really there must be another reason. They are both successful and I'm proud of them. Thankfully, I was a full-fledged member of the white pipeline and my kids had a free ride.

I will continue to dissent from a confiscatory government that steals my wife's and my money. I will continue to dissent from a government that wants to resdistribute my wealth to those who have none. Earn something. Try it, you might feel good about yourself.

My parents are children of the Depression. They made it part of our DNA to be about earning a living. I delivered papers before school everyday. I cut grass all summer long. I caddied at the local golf course. My dad didn't get me these jobs. He wouldn't have thought of getting his kids jobs. In his mind getting a job was an individual thing. If you want it go and get it. Pretty simple. Earn your way.

Working for a living is tough. There are a lot of people who might try it. Stop whining for government entitlements. You are entitled to little in your life. Earn your way. Charlie F. said so. That's good enough for me.


TRUTH 101 said...

I see the merit in what you wrote LAOT. The argument is not how big or small we want govenment, But how much is the correct amount.

No other entity has the scope and authority to regulate and punish those that harm society. Lack of financial system oversite led to the biggest economic crisis sine the Great Depression. I could go on and on with other examples of scum getting away with dirty deeds because of lack of regulation or enforcement. It comes down to this as I've said many times. Before this week is over, everyone that reads this post will say at least three times, " What's the government going to do about this." Or some variation.

Perhaps the problem is our legislators that don't govern on the basis of how much government is needed in a situation as opposed to how will this much or lack of government help a constituency. We're all demanding something from government. I also am a municipal employee. I also sat at the bargaining table and demanded things. Just like you LAOT.

Law and Order Teacher said...

Thanks for the visit. I agree that the argument isn't necessarily about government intervention, but about how much. That's where we probably part company.

The government is really bad a running things. They can, however, control things to a certain extent. Government shouldn't try to be a business manager or a manager of anything for that matter. Governments make laws that's what they do. They don't make money they spend it.

When government is put in charge of a business venture they fail, always have. That's my objection to government run anything.

Good day sir.

TRUTH 101 said...

"The government is really bad a running things. They can, however, control things to a certain extent. Government shouldn't try to be a business manager or a manager of anything for that matter. Governments make laws that's what they do. They don't make money they spend it."

While I don't necessarily agree with the first sentence, I can find room in my beliefs and opinions for the rest.

Well stated Sir.

Z said...

But, Truth, what about the DMV, Medicare, Social Security?
I found your comments very worthy of consideration and thank you.

L&O, we don't see young kids flipping burgers and delivering papers anymore.........illegals are doing their work; and I often think about that and how it's sapping our children of that good feeling of understanding the worth of a dollar, contributing to society, and being self-reliant.

I believe the Constitution only allows for TWO things the gov't CAN do: War and infrastructure maintenance, no?

Law and Order Teacher said...

We are really two guys from the same mold. We have seen government close up. And we have seen it not fulfill its mandate. When government can do things better than the private sector, I'll go with them. But, until then I am skeptical of government. Thanks for the visit and your willingness to listen.

Good day, sir.

I would love to see Truth engage with you. He is a liberal with intelligence and is willing to listen to all arguments. I agree with you that illegals may be taking from our children the ability to take menial jobs and learn about making money. I did that in my youth and I learned about the worth of work and money. My dad saw to that.

Tapline said...

I think we can all point somewhere and say it's their fault. I maintain it is the courts and the Legislature. The Legislature passes the laws they make with little thought to the total remifications and the Courts enforce the laws made by our ignorant politicians. They are legislating their way out of a job....and the courts better start looking at their total ramifications of making True cases that come before them. This my friend is the cause of where we are now and this and the "I have a right to welfare....." crowd....stay well....

Z said...

I have a 'TRUTH' who comes with no that this TRUTH?

PRH....... said...

This is all the left has Steve...anybody that doesn't agree with "The Messiah" is an automatic Racist...screw em'.

I don't like Obummer, he is a Marxist, and a gutless punk when it comes to fighting radical Islam. He is an apoligist for our former Greatness...don't like him or his policies, if that makes me a racist in the mindless left's eyes, so be it.

As Obummer's poll numbers fall, his worshipping lemmings have nothing left to do but blame the messengers.

Brooke said...

I couldn't add a thing to this post, LAO. You've nailed it again.

Law and Order Teacher said...

Thanks for the visit. Your point is well taken. The legislature and the Supreme Court are working us into an untenable position. The entitlement philosophy is killing this country. It is long down the road. The question is can we pull it back?

As usual you are right on the money. I don't like most of Obama's policies. It's great that there is developing an opposition to his lurch to the left. I only hope it grows.

Thanks for the visit and the encouraging words. From you they mean something.

I'm sorry I don't know what a link-back is.

Z said...

Yes, you do, you just don't know it by the dumb name I have to give it because I"m SO computer STUPID :-)

I mean, that when 'my' TRUTH shows up, his name is in black letters and you can't click on it...this TRUTH 101 is in blue and has a blog one can click back to.

Sorry my terminology is so limited!!!

robert thomas and his thoughts said...

You have lots of company..

TRUTH 101 said...

Z: I'm on my best behavior here because LAOT deserves no less.

Mr. Thomas said on my site, or something close, that he believes Congress should be required to participate in whatever health care plan the rest of us have to. I agree 100% with him. I think this would go a long way towards making the program run efficiently and correctly. Thanks again for bringing up that point Mr. Thomas. Success with your blog.