Friday, July 24, 2009


President Obama today tried to do damage control. I, for one, ain't buying. This is racial politics at its worst. Obama stepped in it and he knows it. Now he is trying to backtrack and much to my chagrine, he will escape basically unscathed. He hasn't been held to account during the campaign or his presidency. It won't start now.

Obama will get away with his arrogance and the media will abet him. Meanwhile, Sgt. Crowley is left to salvage his reputation in light of this regrettable incident. You see, police officers operate daily in a very gray area. We have only our reputation for fairness and impartiality. How do you quantify that? When the media and now the POTUS question that, it is almost irretrievable. The police can protest their innocence, but that is basically meaningless.

I am bitter because this happened to me. My name was written in the paper about an incident I posted on below, therefore branding me as a racist. My mother called me, worried, I would be fired. I assured her that the news media was wrong. Quietly, the guy we arrested, with so much fanfare, was found guilty of the charges we arrested him for. The newspaper that tarred and feathered us printed nothing about the guilty verdict.

I see this repeating itself. Gates will be lionized as a martyr for equal rights and Obama will go on to be the media darling he has been.

I hope Sgt Crowley will be able to do his job in the anonymity that all police officers crave and retire to a peaceful life.

And the band played on.


James' Muse said...

Obama's apology was very halfway. It wasn't a real apology. He was standing up for his friend without knowing the facts, and his friend Gates was injecting race where it should not be.

I am more mad at Obama than I have ever been.

Anonymous said...

He most definitely stepped in it this time. That was not an apology, he was just covering his butt and not very well. I have never seen Obama look more racist than he did by defending his friend. He wasn't looking out for justice, just another chance to play the race card. It tire of it, and I know I am not alone.

Law and Order Teacher said...

That wasn't an apology. That was covering his ass. After he stepped in it he is trying get out of the mess. He didn't try to cover his friend, he tried to cover himself.

Thanks for the visit again. When will it become chic for the media to say enough is enough. Obama is an arrogant jerk who will do whatever, or say whatever it takes to get his ass out of trouble. He is a racist, who really loved Jeremiah Wright. Now it is showing up.

bluepitbull said...

I think one good thing comes out of this: We see obama's true feelings towards 'the man'.

Now law enforcement has come out against him following doctors. Who will be next? Lawyers? Teachers? It's going to be fun speculating.

Carl Wicklander said...

I am very much tired of this race raquet. When there is real racism going on in this country and this incident is what we're focusing on, there's something wrong.

Even I realize that if I have to break into my own house, at night no less, then it's possible that I might look like I'm an intruder. But if Gates reflexively accuses the other man of being a racist, then I'm inclined to believe that Gates wants to believe that any sleight or inconvenience is racially charged.

Average American said...

This incident WAS a racially motivated mess. The racists were Professor Gates and then NObama. THEY are the racists involved in this mess, BUT, I found the silver lining in the cloud, we have heard a lot less about NObama's healthcare plans and Michael Jackson lately. Anything that gets rid of MJ, even if just for a few days isn't all that bad.

Law and Order Teacher said...

Thanks for the visit. You make a good point. Who will Obama throw under the bus next? He has spent his career making other take his falls. Who will be next?

Thanks for the visit. Gates is another in the long line of race baiters. He tends to put that tag on any incident involving the police. When will be get past this? Never if this group of race entrepeuners has their way. What a shame for our country.

Thanks for the visit. Good point anyday without MJ is a good day. As for healthcare, I can only hope this faux controversy will replace the momentum of this crap plan the Dems are trying to force us into. Good point.

Tapline said...

Isn't this...."You can take the man out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the man" basically, what happened with this race thing????? Maybe Glen Beck was right on with his assessment on what's happening in this country?????? Just saying....

Z said...

I hope your assessment of the situation isn't played out but I have little more hope than you do, L&O.
So many are SO quick to condemn our cops.......I view Obama's statement about the police acting stupidly like I viewed Murtha's comment about the Marines in Haditha: TOO fast, without the facts...just knee jerk "GOTCHA!"
Obama acted reflexively as an angry Black man who couldn't IMAGINE it wasn't exactly as he wanted to hear the story...that's scary.
Isn't it touching to see the Black cops at Cambridge stand 1000% behind Crowley...those are dignified Americans who put their country and their police force FIRST. I salute them.

Law and Order Teacher said...

I think Glen Beck is right on a lot of things. He sometimes goes a little overboard with the entertainment part and that clouds the wisdom he has to give. I read his book "Common Sense." He rendered a service by calling out the government. I hope some people listen. Thanks for the visit.

I hope you're right and I'm not. But my cyncism is deeply ingrained by experience. For the most part cops protect each other. The saying I heard was "The only color that matters is blue." That's the way I felt. Thanks for the visit.

PRH....... said...

Yes there was Racism involved at Cambridge...but it wasn't by the Cop.

Law and Order Teacher said...

I'm with you on this comment. What a mess and Obama really did damage to himself.

James' Muse said...

This is really getting out of hand. I keep having to blog on it because others are using this to lump all cops as bad people. In fact, on one blog I was reading, one commenter actually said "if a cop gets in my way, he better have kissed his wife goodbye, because no one gets in my way!"....whoa. And there were quite a few shootouts around the country this weekend, with three officers dying in the line of duty. And people are celebrating? Wow. I'm appalled.

Law and Order Teacher said...

It's easy to comment on a computer and be tough. It's an entirely different matter to stand tall in person. Pansies.