Sunday, May 17, 2009


Christopher Cross is a very mellow singer. This is quality singing. Enjoy.


Tad said...

Test msg.

Tad said...

Dear L and O Teacher,

Not commenting on this particular offering, just wanted you to know that I am entirely in your court.

We NEED, as you know, way less Lefties aka nitwits in our public schools and way more folks like you.

I am a retired Marine (32 years) that has been a community college instructor for more than a decade. Of the lads and lasses who actually show up here, most are NOT able to read at the 6th grade level. We've all kinds of Remedial Programs (oh, good, the taxpayers can pay twice for the same information to be taught) and even with herculean efforts and mega tutoring and support programs, still easily half drop out. What a (mega swear words) waste. A waste for the individuals kids and for society in general.

In your former life (LEO), you know that most bad guys slide toward bad because they cannot be successful. Further, society at large, tolerates (NEVER should that word be confused with tolerance) awful behavior. You can bet your last round of your concealed carry that I do not have any trouble ("classroom management") in my classrooms. I share my standards with then up front and let them know who's who in the zoo. I ask them to do nothing immoral or illegal. I ask them to really take charge of their lives and show themselves, and me, when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Stuff like that. The ones who stay, thank me.

Like that.

Semper Fi,

Z said...

we need more teachers like both Tad and you, L&0

As for Chris Cross........songs don't get much prettier.. thanks.

come dance at my place today!!!!

Law and Order Teacher said...

Thanks for your visit. I agree with you. I have been inundated with work the last few days which has hindered my replies. I teach Advanced Placement US history. I require them to write a lot and I grade it tough. The students continually tell me they appreciate the fact that I make them work. I like your line about telling them who's who in the zoo. The military has a tendency give us discipline. That and getting shot at. I'll come over and check out your sight. It's nice to hear from another conservative teacher. Good day, sir.

I've been fending off the end of the crush on grading etc. I'll be over tonight. Thanks for checking in.

Z said...

You missed the dancing (unless you scroll down!) but my French Interview Series is going to be EYE opening, I promise! Just started today!
Good luck with the school work! I wish I could spend ONE afternoon in your class.