Friday, May 22, 2009


I have always loved this tribute to the armed forces. I always feel proud to stand when the USAF theme is played.

This is the first of my Memorial Day tributes. Please look at the pride on the faces of those who stand for their song. They are really the heroes of this country.

God Bless America!


Z said...

This REALLY touched me: "I said, "I know but it's what we do, right?" He looked at me, dropped his head and said, "Yeah." I told him that's what I'm doing." He said "Let me tell your mother." "

How many mothers have been horrified at the very thought of their children going to war yet conflicted because of their patriotism? MILLIONS, I guess.

This post is a wonderful testament to America..thanks so much!

Z said...

OH, and thanks SO much for the mention. I'm proud to be included, in any way, in this post.
I had to post something on Pelosi,breaking my vow to only have Memorial Day 'cartoons' these 3 days, BUT, I hope you do enjoy the rest of cartoons.

Law and Order Teacher said...

Thanks for the visit. Anything that involves you is top notch. As for my family, it speaks for itself. Generations go from one to another protecting America. That's what America is, right?

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

After I'm gone, I fear for the future of my country; I fear my nieces and nephew -- first -- won't HAVE any kids because it's completely UNCOOL. Second, if they have children, they'll be so completely insulated as to ENSURE they never volunteer for service.

That we still find warriors is, to a degree, pretty amazing. God bless all our Warriors, past, present and future.


Z said...

L&0...if you see my comment saying "it's the second time I've commented and nothing was there" please delete.
It's the oddest thing, I'd refreshed and still there were 0 comments, so I posted, then I saw all of these..sorry!
Then I refreshed again and got 0 again!? HOly SMOKE.

sorry to be a bother, but something's up...or it's my techtard gene showing itself off again (DUMB!)

Happy weekend, my friend.