Saturday, April 4, 2009


I used to post one-hit wonders on this site. Well, here it goes again. I am tired of the controversy in the the world, so let's listen to some one-hit wonders for a while. I loved this song. This is 60s music at its best.

What's coming up next? HINT: ROSEMARY


Z said...

How'd I miss THIS one?
I liked that very much, too...
Look at the clothes of the kids in the audience! Imagine SUITS and TIES on the guys?

THOSE were the days..decent, good, naive, respectful.

Then came THE BEATLES. (Mr Z blames a LOT on the Beatles! Of course, he only listened to Classical music in university so one must forgive him!)

Oh, just now on our radio they started playing LISTEN TO THE MUSIC by the DOOBIE BROTHERS! That was a great tune, too, don't you think!?

Law and Order Teacher said...

That what struck me too. American kids even in the rebellious 60s were still respectfull. It got out of hand in the late 60s when the criminals took over. We've been screwed ever since.

The Beatles were bad!!!!!! They are my guys. When they were on Ed Sullivan even my dad said, I kind of like what they're singing. That was a great moment.

I forgive you Mr. Z and still respect you. What's a sea shanty?

Z said...

that explains sea shanteys...I just can't find one on YouTube, but they're marvelous German songs about being on the seas, or returning home, etc...just marvelous!