Saturday, April 4, 2009


Another one-hit wonder. Can you name the group without looking at the title of the video?



Z said...

I have to admit I recognized the band's name when I saw it but didn't remember before that.

You know, I'm getting a pattern like MOVABLE MUSIC!! This isn't a great song, but the beat forces us to move!

You must have lost 2 pounds dancing around tonight, L&0! I was trying to picture you, you silver haired devil, in that group picture on the other guy's site!, dancing to this music. Just can't do it! I'm glad you had fun. VERY good for the soul!

If I want to dance, I put on SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER!...or the Commodores(Brick..HOUSE), or any MOTOWN, I guess......lots of good stuff.

I put on LEON RUSSELL the other night for the first time in ages and found myself singing every word and being 'back there', you know? DELTA LADY, A SONG FOR YOU, etc etc...OH, my GOSH, I love Leon!! You familiar with him?

We should do another BAND weekend!! Thanks for the music!

Law and Order Teacher said...

OK, I love to dance. I actually do have some rythmn. I wish I could sing or play music, but I do love to listen. My students laugh, but I play a lot of music in class. The arts are important to tell about a people.

BTW, my cat Bismarck danced with me and he still is recovering. He's pretty cool. He just rolls with it.

I know Russell. I'll have to listen to reacquaint myself to him. I'm doing that tonight.

Law and Order Teacher said...

BTW, I have some serious energy. My students laugh because I'm always moving around the room. It has always been hard for me to sit still.

Music is good for the soul. My wife had a terrible night at work. I put on some Del Shannon and she immediately was in a better mood. That's old people music, but we love it.

Z said...

I agree...that Leon music the other night just lifted me RIGHT UP!
Nice of you to do your wife that much good!
Remember SONG SUNG BLUE? not a great tune but it puts me in a great mood immediately because a friend used to drive us through Malibu Cyn to the beach and it was SO much fun and so 'free'...I was young and just getting permission to do things like that from my remember how those moments felt! "FREEDOM!"

Or Procol Harem...Whiter Shade of Pale............NOBODY doesn't 'go somewhere else' in their mind when THAT song's..somehow, it's THE most evocative tune of that era, isn't it? Or one of the most?

Texas Truth said...

I play a 50s-60s-70s radio station in my class while my HS students are doing their work. When these songs come on, I usually mouth the lyrics while at my desk. My students look and just smile. What is interesting is that when songs from this era come on, the students can be seen tapping heir feet, rocking gently in their seats, and "grooving to the music." I guess it is true that music soothes the savage beast. LOL :)

Law and Order Teacher said...

First of all I misspelled rhythm, didn't notice. I was in a hurry. Isn't it interesting that music is such a great memory trigger? Comments about music usually run towards what the commenter was doing at the time the music came out. Interesting.

I play a lot of music too. I usually play music from each era we're studying. The students like to hear music from the 20s, 30s, and we're about to start WWII and they always love Big Band music. Glenn Miller lives!