Friday, March 27, 2009


I continue my infatuation with Celtic Woman. Have I mentioned I'm in love with Lisa Kelly?

You know what I have always admired about the Irish/Scots is that they connected with their homeland. Their songs seem to always be about home. "Turn your back on the land, face the sea." "Send me a song." Listen to the words. This is a song that celebrates their land.

I read a book years ago that talked about the presence of the Irish/Scots in America's wars. The premise was that war was in their history and that the reason the south fought so valiantly was that they were populated by people of Irish/Scots extraction and war was in their blood. That's an interesting thesis. I love their music and I'm not Irish at all.


OldFatGuy said...

My friend, you're not the only 60s survivor who appreciates the beauty and talent of Lisa Kelly. Please consider visiting her fan site and official fan club at

Thank you for your past and continuing contributions, from another aging warrior.

dat ol' fat guy

Law and Order Teacher said...

Thanks for the visit. I guess it's ok for old guys to admire beautiful and talented women. When they can sing, holy smokes, there is a God.