Saturday, March 28, 2009


One more song by Lisa Kelly. What a beautiful voice and a beautiful sentiment.


Anonymous said...

Truly an excellent performer and a most excellent sentiment. Since the Scotii originated in Ireland, there is little substantial difference in these hearty people. My great-grandparents migrated to Carrickfergus from Ayrshire, and my grandfather subsequently migrated to North Carolina in the 1890s. It is on this basis that I was interested in what James Webb had to say in his book, “Born Fighting: How the Scots-Irish Shaped America.”

I don’t agree with Webb’s politics, but he did a fine job explaining the temper of the Scots-Irish immigrant, and their many contributions to our country. Today, Caledonia is a romantic referral to the area north of England, and the term of course includes reference to the Pictavian peoples as well. You may also be interested in an excellent book by John MacDonald Fraser entitled, “Quartered Safe out Here,” as he provides the unique flavor of fighting with Celtic peoples (the Scots, Irish, and Welsh) during World War II.

Z said...

I'm a huge Anglophile but I have to admit I'm not a Celtic Singers-phile.

I like your passion for them, though....and the song was perfectly lovely. I do like their wholesomeness a LOT, it's such a dichotomy to nearly EVERYTHING in entertainment today. I"m thrilled they have such a following. I listened to the lyrics of her song about Caledonia and kept thinking one could substitute it for a song of faith. But, after all, we should ALL think of our homelands with a reverence, shouldn't we.
I makes it all the more painful to see what's happening to her.

Thanks, L&O..

Law and Order Teacher said...

Thanks for the visit. As usual I learn something from what you write. I admit to an infatuation with the Celtics. There history, especially vis a vis Great Britain is, shall we say...turbulent. I admire their fighting spirit, but it's apparent they are a product of their circumstances. If I'm not mistaken, the blending of the Scots and the Irish was aided immeasurably by the transplanting of Scots to Northern Ireland in an effort to Anglicanize the rebellious Irish, by Queen Elizabeth, she of the Spanish Armada fame. I think in Celt history she is nearly as hated as Cromwell.

I will look at both the books. I try to take any opportunity to learn European history. Absolutely fascinating.

Thanks for the visit. I admire the reverance they have for their country and history. I agree that we have worshipped at the altar of multi-culturism so long and so ardently, that we have nearly killed our own culture. That, too, makes me sick and fear for my country.

I love the Celtic culture because of its passion. My mother claims there is music of passion from Germany that her parents and grandparents played and sang for her, but on You Tube all you find is martial type music. It makes all Germans seem to be militarists. If you could point me in a direction of some German folk music of the type I hear from the Celts, I would appreciate it.

Z said...

I'm sure that exists, L&0 but what Mr. Z adores is the SEA SHANTY! Germans have very good sea shanties...and some beautiful sea faring Christmas songs, etc. There's one about Santa that brings tears to my eyes.
The shanties are very German and very positive, with hearty melodies which Mr. Z has been known to play on his accordion.

"Welcome to heaven, here's a harp...Welcome to hell, here's an accordion" (can you tell how much I love the accordion!?)

Law and Order Teacher said...

Thanks. I'm not sure what a sea shanty is, but I'll try to find out. Thanks again.