Saturday, February 7, 2009


If President Obama was a doctor he would be sued for malpractice. If he was a lawyer he would be removed from the case. If he was a police officer he would be suspended for conduct unbecoming. If he was a teacher, he would be moved to a study hall monitor. If he was in the military he would be AWOL. Instead, he's the president, and we can't unelect him any more than you can unring a bell.

I have tried to hold my powder so to speak about the president. I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt. I hoped that he wouldn't buckle under to the socialist impulses of his party. Many tried to blow smoke and say he would govern from the middle. I doubted that based on his record in the US Senate, albeit a short one. But I hoped he would be sobered by responsibility. Instead he has abdicated his throne.

At least the Kaiser Wilhelm II and Czar Nicholas II during WWI hung tough before they abdicated and went into exile. The president has effectively been in exile throughout the debate about the spending, oops, stimulus bill. How could the president completely cave and delegate his responsibility for leading on this bill to two incompetents like Pelosi and Reid. These two malpractitioners of the political art are more inept than the Three Stooges, and there's only two of them.

The president stood by as Pelosi, Reid, and the rest of Democrat cabal emptied their ideological closet and spewed forth a bill that is unmatched in its orgasmic spending spree. This represents years of pent up zeal to take care of the little guy, at the expense of soaking those of us who actually are producing members of society, that was foiled for the most part by President Bush and the Republicans; although I was frustrated by their relative weakness in reining in spending.

Finally, in this spending splurge the Republicans may have found their voice and found their backbone. Of course, there are those who will buckle and the bill will pass with the Maine/Spector contingent. Shame on them for allowing themselves to be flattered by the president into backing this porkfest. Maybe he will invite them to hang out with the cool kids at Camp David or let them ride on Air Force One. Awesome.

As the president's approval rating begins to fall and public support for the bill begins to plummet, something will be salvaged from this debacle. We now know that the president is everything the MSM had accused President Bush of being, disinterested and not up to the job.

I wonder if those who voted for the president knew they were voting for the de facto presidency of Pelosi and Reid? Another concern is, what happens when he is confronted with a real world problem in one of the many hotspots in the world. Will Harry answer that 3 AM phone call? Will the president step forward or will he say to himself "What would Pelosi do?"


Average American said...

He'll let the answering machine get it. I am totally disgusted with the messiah's performance so far, and I don't really expect it to improve.

Law and Order Teacher said...

I'm with you on this one.

Z said...

You mean the same Pelosi obama calls his "ROCK"...couldn't you spit?

L& there ANY way out for us BUT PRAYER???!! Seriously! What the...........??


Do you talk at all about obama in class?? Do you sense any disenchantment there yet?

Law and Order Teacher said...

I'm flabbergasted that he is AWOL on the most important issue in a long while. What a weak performance. He's doing a press conference tonight, but he'll get the same warm and fuzzy questions from his Obamabots in the MSM. I think I'll go watch some of my players from soccer at the indoor game. More productive pursuit.

As for school there are a lot of Obama supporters at that age, so the conversation tends to be of the celebrity loving variety. They haven't gotten past that yet. The stimulus/spending stuff baffles them more than us. We'll see.