Sunday, May 18, 2008


I was thinking about the music of our generation when it dawned on me that we had a lot of one-hit wonders. They were really good songs but that was the only hit those groups made. They had a tendency to break up and form other groups. I love this song, although the pictures are a stretch. Listen to the music. It is great.

Give a listen to my friend at Texas Truth (blogroll), and his Chicago song. They too, are a great group with a lot Chicago's jazz influence. Fantastic!

I'll post other one-hit wonders.


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Texas Truth said...

Law and Order Teacher: A GREAT SONG! I play the radio in my class while my students are working on their assignments. I play a oldies 60s-70s-80s station and this song comes on at least once a day. I have seen students working on their assignments, quietly mouthing the words to "Brandy." If they only knew! I guess music DOES soothe the savage beast.