Saturday, May 17, 2008


You know what is evident about the Beatles is their grasp of the obvious. I remember listening to an interview with them in which John said that Americans have this strange propensity to ask celebrities their opinion on national/world issues and then to put stock in them. He seemed to be amused. In this video they are entertainers entertaining and they are very good at it. When did it become important to hear from people who can sing, dance, or act about important issues and hang on every word? I would think there are a lot of individuals who are much more informed than entertainers about the issues of the world. America truly has a cult of celebrity. What a shame. It cheapens us as a country.

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Texas Truth said...

I asked my lovely bride, who studied to be in the performing industry, WHY actors, singers, etc. want to express their views on life. She told me since their jobs are acting, they want to be seen as having their own opinions and life, not just the role they are playing. She also said they are (in most cases) very insecure (and oversexed). I guess that expalins it to me.