Saturday, May 12, 2007

What Now?

Now that we have passed the levy and the kids can stay at our school, we need to think about what is next. There were a large number of school levies in our area and the passage rate was about 50%. What a shame for the ones that failed. There has got to be a better way to fund schools. Hopefully, someone finds one. Our union is so bent on worrying about Wal-Mart and other Democrat causes they have forgotten their may responsibility. They and the Democrats feed off each other in order to keep their jobs. We have a new Democrat Gov. who has already started doing the bidding of the school union. I think it will only get worse. I am frustrated because the students are the ones that are caught in the middle. The unions could give a crap less and the school administrators are so busy trying to keep the revenue stream alive that the whole system is crap. The kids catch the bad end of things. I wish I could say that it was better when the Republicans were in charge, but their remedy was to ignore the problem. It is a recipe for disaster when you leave politicians in charge of anything. They are only interested in protecting their phoney baloney jobs. Damn, what a mess.

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