Tuesday, May 8, 2007


We just passed our levy. I'm pumped!!! That means that we won't have to participate in "begging for dollars" for about 3 more years. We have to find a better way to fund schools. This is bad for everyone. At school we were on pin and needles, both students and teachers, all day today. Now the pressure is off for the time being. The Ohio Education Association (NEA) has an amendment drive to the Ohio constitution on to give some structure to school funding. I'm going to have to take a long look at it. I normally discount nearly everything the NEA/OEA endorses, but this bears some scrutiny.

My wife and I were watching the election returns with bated breath. My mother-in-law had to endure a half-hour diatribe from me about the stupidity of the Ohio funding of public schools. I was appalled that parents would allow their children to go to a school without extracurriculars. It would have been a dismal place indeed. We escaped this time. What about next time?

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