Friday, July 18, 2014



 I consider myself a member of the Tea Party.  I believe in small government, less spending, and accountability.  I've never wanted to be labeled, but I guess if I have to be, this is as good as any.  What really bothers me about the left's portrayal of the Tea Party isn't the racist tag, because I'm not that.  To give evidence here of my non-racism is crap, so I'll let that go.  What bothers me is the accusation that the Tea Party is anti-government.  This I will refute.  I'm pro-government.   The form of government I've pledged my life to defend twice, is federalism, embodied in the U.S. Constitution.  Federalism ensures that there will be a strong central government, but the states and local government will retain their power. 

When the U.S. was governed by the Articles of Confederation, the states ruled the country.  This handcuffed the federal government and made it unable to effectively govern.  The Constitution was written to strengthen the federal government, but it gave a great measure of power to the states.  But it limited the federal government by enumerating its powers.  It seems at times in history that the Executive branch at time forgets this.  Consequently, the Constitution binds the Executive's power.  After all, the founders feared an unfettered Executive more than any other situation. 

Obama has exceeded his power like few other presidents.  Please don't tell me that he has issued less Executive Orders than other presidents.  That's a specious argument.  For example, the E.O. that resulted in the internment of Japanese citizens was #9066.  That was an insidious violation of civil rights that was unbelievable.  The president can issue an E.O. in reference to some mundane office matter and that has the same power, but not the same effect.  Numbers don't matter.  Bad argument.


Let's make this very short.  I don't like Obama as president.  Not because he's black, but because he's a terrible president.  He had no experience running anything, he was an empty suit who made good speeches (always on the teleprompter), and he was the epitome of a guy who people hoped would be something that he isn't capable of being.  But, boy, did it make some people feel good about voting for him.  Jesus, what a mistake.


This one hits close to home.  I'm not currently using the VA, but I think eventually I will.  That scares the hell out of me.  I don't look at veterans as privileged citizens, I look at them as those who took on a task that a lot of other people didn't want to and served with honor risking their lives along the way.  I don't feel badly about those who didn't serve, but I do feel that those who did deserve to be taken care of.  After all, I remember being promised that my family would be take care of if I didn't make it back.  I thought that was a fair deal and I signed on.  When it comes time to cash in the deal, how can the government renege on that deal?    

Monday, July 14, 2014


I'm a teacher.  I'm dedicated to my profession and I love everyday in my classroom with my students.  The main problem with my profession is political solutions to everyday problems.  I don't want to say I have a corner on the job of educating students, but I think I have some insights about teaching.  So, I'll give you the rules for my classroom.  Not for students, but for teachers. 

1.  It's not your job to tell students WHAT to think.  How dare you think that you are so right that you need to tell students what to think and that you disrespect them so much that you don't allow them to think for themselves.  JUSTIFICATION: Most teachers have never had a job outside the classroom.  They don't have a perspective on real life.  Remember this, school only prepares you to think.  It doesn't prepare you to live.  You have to DO that.  Along the way you'll take some hits, get bloodied, and find out that life isn't fair.  The only thing that's fair is that you'll get a fair shot to succeed.  We can't guarantee the outcome.  Sorry.

2.  You need to impress on your students that being on time, dressing well, doing good work, and getting it done on time will greatly increase your chance of succeeding. JUSTIFICATION:  If you as a teacher are late to school or class, if you don't return student's graded work in a timely manner, and you don't dress well for your job, how do you expect them to do it if you don't?

3. You're a teacher.  Grow up.  I have heard the chorus of whining from teachers and it's not attractive.  The fact that teachers are a part of a union that constantly portrays teachers as victims of a system, while supporting politicians who exploit victimization is unconscionable.  JUSTIFICATION: The NEA isn't a union, it's a political action committee for a party that relishes victimization making the NEA "useful idiots" for the Democrat party.

4.  Remember this: Not everyone works 184 days a year and has summers off.  While I don't dislike it, I understand that most people don't appreciate that teachers with the benefits they have, whine about how hard they have it.  JUSTIFICATION: I worked on a police force for 26 years.  I didn't get summers off, I worked whether it snowed or not, and I had a set of rules I had to follow or I faced the consequences.  Proving that my students really do learn doesn't bother me.

5.  My dad went to work for 38 years to the same job, one that he hated.  He did it because he wanted to take care of his family.  He told me when I was young, don't go to work some place that you hate.  Go to school or get the training necessary to work at something you love.  That was great advice and I followed it twice.  He also said it was honorable to serve your country in the military.  I did that too.

6.  School districts should make their students learn by making them work hard.  Don't allow them to slack off.  Courses that give students "college credit" in high school without having to prove what they know on a test, usually are BS, because the colleges offering the credit are tying the students to their school.  By giving them credit, these colleges are ensuring that students will enroll in their school because most of the credits don't readily transfer to other schools.  These schools are ensuring their enrollment will be steady.  Worse, the class standards for learning are a joke.   Shameful.

7. Common Core is an atrocity.  It's all about federalizing education.  At the beginning of public education in the 19th century, all education was local.  Each community took on the responsibility of educating their children.  The system worked quite well for the better part of 75 years.  As the great LBJ and the federal government began taking over more and more parts of everyday life for Americans, education was in their sights.  I firmly believe that the government has co-opted education because they are attempting to inculcate progressivism in the children of our country.

JUSTIFICATION: The colleges of education graduates teachers who are ill-prepared to teach anything but a curriculum that is bankrupt of the American ideals upon which this country was founded. If you control the teachers, you control the future.  The stuff that is taught in American classrooms by these progressive automatons is frightening.  They have no sense of their country's history.  They learn that America is a wicked, imperialist country, that has done nothing in its history but oppress people.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.

America represents an ideal of freedom and liberty.  It took us a while to get to the ideals expressed in the Declaration of Independence, but we've arrived, turning around thousands of years of human history.  No other country has done what America has in the history of humankind.  America changed the world. 

We have a written Constitution that spells out our rights.  Great Britain has none. We have a contract between the people and their government.  No other country has that.  We have a document that disperses power among three branches of government so that no one person can ever seize power, despite Obama's best efforts.  The Supreme Court has repeatedly slapped him down.

Our children need to know that America is truly exceptional.  They don't get that in most classrooms.  They'll hear that in my classroom.  Screw Common Core.

Sunday, May 25, 2014


I've certainly tried to understand the progressive mindset, but despite my best efforts I just don't get it.  What's behind all of this "political correctness?"  What is to be gained from putting all these restrictions on free speech?  I know that I shouldn't put too much into this, but the constant assault on free speech is, to me, very problematic.  I've always thought that the best way to root out those whose speech is offensive is to let those people speak.  For the most part people who are idiots are very easily identified when they open their mouth and foul the air.  As Mark Twain said, " It's better to be thought an idiot than to open your mouth and remove all doubt." 

There is a lot of ground to plow here, but I'll just refine myself to the best.  I think that restricting free speech is tantamount to destroying the basis of democracy.  When the government is allowed to restrict speech, or to pick who can speak and who can't, we're no longer truly free.  There is a lot of speech I find objectionable.  But I never will accept that the speech that is objectionable should be restricted. Expose it to the air.  Allow the people who are asses to expose themselves as asses.  Since when has speech become fatal? 

If someone says something that pisses you off, engage them in debate.  In my classes, I tell my students that it's not my job to tell them what to think.  It's my job to tell them how to think.  What they think is their business.  If they learn to objectively research their point of view they are now a critical thinker.  And that's what being an American has always been about.  Don't allow someone to tell you what to think.  You're an individual.  Arrive at a decision because you researched and thought about it and this is the best conclusion you can reach.  However, remember, you can change your conclusion as you learn more.  Be open to new information. 

Anyone who tries to tell you what to think is anti-free speech.  As a police officer I stood between KKK members and anti-KKK demonstrators.  The toughest part was keeping them apart.  The only group that everyone hated was the police.  But it was important that the KKK have its say.  Speak out loud and allow people to judge what you say.  The first amendment must protect the most offensive speech, no matter how offensive it is, or it's just a bunch of words. 

Let me take on one of my pet peeves, "hate crimes."  I've seen homicides and lots of death in my life and I'm appalled by gratuitous violence.  I don't ever remember, while at a homicide scene, thinking to myself, did the killer really hate the person that was murdered?  I'm convinced that if you kill someone, you don't like them.  Hate crime legislation seeks to get into the mind of the killer to find out what they thought.  I knew that if the killer hated the victim because of race, ethnicity, religion, or other factors, the victim wasn't more dead.  Take it from me, dead is dead.  My objection is that "Hate Crime" legislation criminalizes thought.  Somehow if someone is killed because of race or other factors it's worse.  No it isn't.  They're dead.  That's horrific.  Period.  "Hate Crime" legislation is feel-good BS.  Nothing more. 

Progressives want to tell us what to think.  When we allow them to do this we allow them to control us. 

Thursday, May 22, 2014


Allow me to get something off my chest.  I'm more than a little angry about the VA scandal.  Veterans signed an agreement to fight our nation's wars and in return we were to receive certain benefits.  First, the government promised to take care of us should we be injured.  They promised to take care of our families should we be killed.  This was understood by every veteran and gave us peace of mind. For years the VA has performed its duties rather poorly.  In other words, the government hasn't kept its word.

So enter Obama and his promise to fix the problems that have plagued the system for years.  In short, this promise meant as much as the rest of his promises.  Nothing.  With this administration, politics and ideology trumps everything.  And they really don't make any bones about it.  This situation is shameful and gaming veterans is wrong.  Our country is betraying our trust.  I'm a proud member of the American Legion which has been out front in calling the VA out for the shameful conduct of its business.  Jay Carney, Obama's sock puppet, stated that the Legion supported the firing of the second in command at the VA.  That's a blatant lie.  He retiring anyway.  The vapidity of this administration breathtaking.  And the lying is so frequent it's hard to keep track of all of them.  This administration and this president have no honor. 

The VA system is rotten as hell.  So here's my remedy.  First, with a total budget in 2013 somewhere in the neighborhood of $170 billion, the VA is typical of government in its ineptitude.  Why not abolish the VA medical system and go to a voucher system?  Give each veteran a voucher they can use to obtain medical care from a doctor of their own choosing.  Don't discharge a veteran injured on-duty until they can be released safely to a doctor they choose.  This will allow veterans to establish a relationship with their doctor who in turn knows the specific needs of the veteran.  Additionally, some veterans live a long way from the nearest VA facility.  A voucher system will allow them to obtain care near their homes. 

What to do with all the facilities?  I think they should sell them or tear them down and sell the land to settlers like a modern day Homestead Act.  Or turn the buildings into, Oh I don't know, a Costco's.  At least it will turn a profit.  Why does the VA have a police department?  Security guards, sure, a full-fledged law enforcement agency?  Redundant and wasteful. 

While I'm on a rant, let's talk about the militarization of the Executive branch.  There are somewhere near 180,000 armed officers in various law enforcement agencies in this branch.  I'm not talking about Andy of Mayberry types, but well-armed military type groups possessing high-tech military weapons and equipment.  For example, the Department of Education has a police agency.  I hope I don't anger them or they might conduct a raid on my classroom.  How about the Department of Agriculture?  Soon we may hear about a raid on pastures supporting evil, methane spewing, farting, cows, blatantly adding to global cooling, or global warming, or climate change, or climate disrupting, or whatever the hell they call it now.  I don't even want to think about the TSA or Homeland Security. 

Doesn't it piss you off that politicians blithely talk about millions of dollars in fraud and waste in Medicaid etc., and talk about it like a line in the budget and cite it as possible savings?    If you know about it, do something about it!  Only in Washington would criminality be accepted as the price of government.

Our Constitution is very specific about the powers granted to the government by the people.  All the rest are reserved to people in the tenth amendment.  How have we gone so far off the rails?


Saturday, June 29, 2013


I just thought I'd get this off my chest.  I'm so tired of the use of the word "outrage."  There are a lot of things in this world that are outrageous.  Most of the crap that people label as "outrageous" isn't really outrageous.  It may be annoying or it may piss you off.  But it's not outrageous. 

I recently read a book titled "Auschwitz" my daughter gave to me for father's day.  I really hesitated about reading it but I finally realized that reading history requires reading a lot of uncomfortable stuff.  I read the book.  I digested the book.  It was horrible.  The writer was a doctor who survived years in the prison camp by conducting numerous autopsies under the supervision of Dr. Mengele.  If that doesn't ring a bell he is the infamous "Angel of Death."  He conducted the most disgusting human experiments the human mind could contemplate.  Most the autopsies were done on demand.  In other words, there wasn't a lot of natural death going on.  Mostly the killing was on demand because Mengele wanted to conduct his research on the victims.  This was truly a disturbing book. 

As the Holocaust fades into history we need to read about what happened to remember.  Genocides have occurred throughout history for no other reason than a dominant group wanted to eliminate a subservient group.  My friend Z has a connection to one of the most horrible genocidal incidents in history: Armenians slaughtered by the Turks during WWI.  The Japanese conducted genocide in Asia in the 1930s with very little notice in America because America is Eurocentric.

These incidents are truly "OUTRAGEOUS."   Please don't cheapen the word by applying it to a series of bothersome incidents that really aren't worth the hyperventilating that goes on with politicians and other of the lower species who use the word to express their annoyance that everybody doesn't agree with them. 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


In this time of scandal for the Obama administration, it's hard to keep up with the daily disclosures. The corruption in this administration stacks up with any in our history.  I, for one, am happy that these thugs in the White House are finally being exposed.  I have a feeling Obama had no idea he would be running from one scandal after another when he pledged his would be the most transparent administration in history.  It's amazing the amount of roaches that are in a house until the lights come on.

Nancy Pelosi famously pledged to drain the swamp when she was made Speaker.  I doubt she thought that swamp was full of Democrats.  These people are ridiculous.  But constitutionally they are running our country.  Which brings me to my point.  The apologists for Obama are continually cautioning Republicans to refrain from politicizing these scandals.  My point is that because of the structure of our government it is all about politics.  These are politicians by definition.  This is their career.  Of course, it's politicized.  Since when does politicizing something make it less illegal. 

We can't allow these pompous asses to get away with lessening the severity and illegality of these scandals by cautioning the Congress against politicizing them.  It's the absolute duty of Congress to exercise oversight on the Executive.  Our Founding Fathers understood that political power corrupts and humans are susceptible to it.  And they were politicians!  They understood. 

Read Federalist #10 (Madison) and Federalist #51(Hamilton). 

Thursday, May 30, 2013


I will be out of commission for awhile as I'm leaving tomorrow.  I am going to Louisville to grade essays written by students who have taken the Advanced Placement U.S. history test.  I'm paid well and Louisville is a very fun town.  There's  a lot to do downtown and rest assured we make the best use of their hospitality. 

I am a life-long Reds fan and their AAA farm club is in Louisville, so we spend a lot of time watching baseball.  There are some great restaurants in town so we'll eat well.  It may not sound like reading essays is fun, but it's the best professional experience for A.P. teachers you can experience.  If there's one thing you can do as a teacher it's being able to credibly tell students what it takes to score well on their essays.  After five years I know what it takes to score.  

I'll read over 2,000 essays in my time there.  I can really plow through them after five years of grading essays so I'll try to set a personal record this week.  Last year nearly 400,000 students took the test.  Each student writes three essays so we graded about 1.2 million essays in our week in Louisville.  We will do our job, get it done, and get home to start the summer. 

The upside is I'm done for this year with the exception getting my grades in for the students.  I'll do that Saturday, June 8th and call it a year.  Then it's soccer time.  I coach girls' soccer for our high school.  We had our player/parent meeting last night and had a good turnout.  We start summer conditioning on June 17th and after that it's pretty much an everyday thing until October.  I'm ready to get going. 

See you soon.