Friday, July 18, 2014



 I consider myself a member of the Tea Party.  I believe in small government, less spending, and accountability.  I've never wanted to be labeled, but I guess if I have to be, this is as good as any.  What really bothers me about the left's portrayal of the Tea Party isn't the racist tag, because I'm not that.  To give evidence here of my non-racism is crap, so I'll let that go.  What bothers me is the accusation that the Tea Party is anti-government.  This I will refute.  I'm pro-government.   The form of government I've pledged my life to defend twice, is federalism, embodied in the U.S. Constitution.  Federalism ensures that there will be a strong central government, but the states and local government will retain their power. 

When the U.S. was governed by the Articles of Confederation, the states ruled the country.  This handcuffed the federal government and made it unable to effectively govern.  The Constitution was written to strengthen the federal government, but it gave a great measure of power to the states.  But it limited the federal government by enumerating its powers.  It seems at times in history that the Executive branch at time forgets this.  Consequently, the Constitution binds the Executive's power.  After all, the founders feared an unfettered Executive more than any other situation. 

Obama has exceeded his power like few other presidents.  Please don't tell me that he has issued less Executive Orders than other presidents.  That's a specious argument.  For example, the E.O. that resulted in the internment of Japanese citizens was #9066.  That was an insidious violation of civil rights that was unbelievable.  The president can issue an E.O. in reference to some mundane office matter and that has the same power, but not the same effect.  Numbers don't matter.  Bad argument.


Let's make this very short.  I don't like Obama as president.  Not because he's black, but because he's a terrible president.  He had no experience running anything, he was an empty suit who made good speeches (always on the teleprompter), and he was the epitome of a guy who people hoped would be something that he isn't capable of being.  But, boy, did it make some people feel good about voting for him.  Jesus, what a mistake.


This one hits close to home.  I'm not currently using the VA, but I think eventually I will.  That scares the hell out of me.  I don't look at veterans as privileged citizens, I look at them as those who took on a task that a lot of other people didn't want to and served with honor risking their lives along the way.  I don't feel badly about those who didn't serve, but I do feel that those who did deserve to be taken care of.  After all, I remember being promised that my family would be take care of if I didn't make it back.  I thought that was a fair deal and I signed on.  When it comes time to cash in the deal, how can the government renege on that deal?    


Z said...

I'm SO GLAD you didn't feel the need to show HOW you aren't racist! I often write at geeez that "I shouldn't have to say this...but.."
But, I don't feel I have to do it quite so much anymore because of having gone to WordPress so the libs can't misconstrue my words or attack in that ridiculous way.
What they do, as you know, is pick on one TINY piece of a long post I wrote and hone in on that ...then they're able to 'miss' my POINT which they can't argue with. Typical.

Your post is excellent. I agree about the Tea Party, VA, and, certainly, OBAMA.

I WISH people like you and Mustang and others had a MUCH MUCH larger public forum by which to talk and be HEARD!

I wonder if we should try something like that? hmmmmmm I'm going to think about this.

Law and Order Teacher said...

I'm open to anything of the sort. Mostly you feel like a voice in the wilderness. Thanks.

Duckys here said...

Federalism ensures that there will be a strong central government, but the states and local government will retain their power.
In other words, a neo-confederate.

Law and Order Teacher said...

Not true Ducky. State power isn't a bad thing. It's another check on federal government power. Remember, the federal govt is a creation of the states, not the other way around. Take care.

Z said...

Miss you.
i hope you and family are well.

Z said...

Merry Christmas, dear buddy.

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I'm open to anything of the sort. Mostly you feel like a voice in the wilderness. Thanks.


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Annie said...

Have your opinions changed?

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