Thursday, May 30, 2013


I will be out of commission for awhile as I'm leaving tomorrow.  I am going to Louisville to grade essays written by students who have taken the Advanced Placement U.S. history test.  I'm paid well and Louisville is a very fun town.  There's  a lot to do downtown and rest assured we make the best use of their hospitality. 

I am a life-long Reds fan and their AAA farm club is in Louisville, so we spend a lot of time watching baseball.  There are some great restaurants in town so we'll eat well.  It may not sound like reading essays is fun, but it's the best professional experience for A.P. teachers you can experience.  If there's one thing you can do as a teacher it's being able to credibly tell students what it takes to score well on their essays.  After five years I know what it takes to score.  

I'll read over 2,000 essays in my time there.  I can really plow through them after five years of grading essays so I'll try to set a personal record this week.  Last year nearly 400,000 students took the test.  Each student writes three essays so we graded about 1.2 million essays in our week in Louisville.  We will do our job, get it done, and get home to start the summer. 

The upside is I'm done for this year with the exception getting my grades in for the students.  I'll do that Saturday, June 8th and call it a year.  Then it's soccer time.  I coach girls' soccer for our high school.  We had our player/parent meeting last night and had a good turnout.  We start summer conditioning on June 17th and after that it's pretty much an everyday thing until October.  I'm ready to get going. 

See you soon. 


Z said...

Hi! Boy, is there stress to giving AP exams! The one in charge at our private school feels such weight on her shoulders. Each word of direction before they take the tests must be delivered just right, etc etc etc.

Do you only read exams from your region or do you read California, too? I suppose you don't see the names of the students or the school? But do you know the region?

Witut Apik said...

good luck,,,!
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