Friday, May 10, 2013


I think the story of the day is the I.R.S. suppression and harassment of conservative groups.  For these conservative groups to accuse the I.R.S. of harassment is one thing.  It's an entirely different thing to have the I.R.S. admit it.  I was appalled when the D.H.S. list of potential right wing groups to watch was published and I was on it.  I'm a retired police officer and a military veteran.  They should certainly watch me because my life is proof that I have no allegiance to the U.S. government. 

The government is a totally reactive agency.  By that I mean that it is totally out of character for government bureaucrats to think outside the box and make independent decisions.  Government workers are almost totally risk averse.  They will not jeopardize their jobs.  That's why schools have zero tolerance policies about violence and sexual harassment.  I mean really, little kids are getting suspended for kissing teachers and playing war on the playground.  My friends and I wouldn't have survived if we couldn't have played war, cops and robbers, and cowboys and Indians on the playground.  We played tackle football on the asphalt for God's sake. 

I can come to no other conclusion than that these drones were ordered to seek out these groups.  A supervisor or some other boss told them to do this.  It didn't just spontaneously occur.  Government drones don't think that way.  This is without a doubt a political attack on a group that the government perceives as a threat.  This is an attempt to silence critics and intimidate political opponents (enemies?).  The question is will the MSM finally get on board and report this story?

Think of this.  This administration has hired thousands of I.R.S. agents to enforce Obamacare.   
This administration is dangerous.  Will someone watch them?

Positively Nixonian, eh?