Friday, April 19, 2013


I am so very proud tonight to be a member of the law enforcement community.  I spent 30 years of my life in law enforcement and the performance of the officers of the numerous agencies involved in the investigation of this terrorist attack was the best of America.  I was touched by the citizens who applauded their law enforcement and other first responders.  I guarantee that this is the highlight of these officers careers.  It was an emotional scene that I shared with my law enforcement brothers and sisters.  They are the best of America and they proved it beginning on Monday. 

Remember that Sean Collier gave his life in the performance of his duties and another officer fights for his life.  In my career, I knew that any of my fellow officers would have done the same.  We became law enforcements officers with the intention of taking care of our fellow citizens. 

These officers did this.  They deserve the appreciation of all of us.  God rest his soul.


Z said...

It was heart warming to see people waving flags and cheering. And absolutely something all law enforcement should be proud of.

God bless the families of those we lost and God BLESS THIS COUNTRY.

Thanks for this beautiful post, L&T.

Law and Order Teacher said...

Thanks for the visit.

Ducky's here said...

I pray for Sean Collier. He had a child and it was a terrible tragedy.

But he was sitting in his cruiser and was ambushed. He was not responding and, to be blunt, he was another casualty in a tragic day of casualties.

The other officer injured was likely "friendlied". Three hundred rounds fired and they couldn't bring down either victim. The elder brother was killed being run over by his younger sibling.

The amount of ammunition expended (some into nearby homes) makes you think what it would have been like if that moron Arkansas politician had his wish and there were citizens out there toting AKs.

Would there have been more civilian or police casualties.

Next I'm going to try to figure out what waving the flag has to do with this horror.
I believe the pathology is similar to school shooters ... sociopathic. All we did after Newtown was block mandatory registration.
I still can't figure this thing for flags.