Thursday, July 12, 2012


OK.  On the Drudge Report the rumor is that Condoleezza Rice is the leading VP pick.  I have always admired her for a number of reasons.  Most notably as an academic and foreign policy expert.  I would love this choice.  She has a lot  of gravitas and I'd love to see a debate between her and Biden.  As a matter of fact, I'd pay to be there as she chopped him into pieces.  It would definitely be a duel with an unarmed man. 

Now, the conventional wisdom says that the VP candidate has to come out swinging and be the attack dog.  Of course, conventional wisdom is often wrong.  In the case of Condoleezza Rice I don't think she should do that because it would undermine the dignity she brings to the political process.  I don't think politics is strictly street fighting.  I think that someone of her stature could nearly be above the fray.  Her reasoned arguments would bring dignity to a cesspool occupied by the Joe Bidens of the world. 

As the vice president, she could also fill a unique role.  If it were me, I would give her an additional job.  Presidents have had a propensity to give their VP roles that try to make them relevant.  How about Gore and the redefinition of government?  How about Biden being in the mix as an advisor to Obama on foreign policy?  Good work there Joe.  After all, being on the Senate Foreign Policy committee is a real credential for knowing what's going on in the world.  Hey Joe, let's divide Iraq into three countries. 

Here's my idea.  If I were Romney, I'd immediately appoint Rice as the Secretary of State.  Really, a VP as Secretary of State?  First of all, she's kind of qualified for it.  Secondly, here's a quiz for you.  What is the sole duty of the VP enumerated in the U.S. Constitution?  How about one.  As the President of the Senate.  Have you watched the Senate?  The V.P. isn't there on a daily basis and can only vote in case of a tie.  Those people presiding over the daily operations of the Senate are fill-ins for the V.P.  Otherwise, the V.P. goes to funerals and other vital duties.

Let's imagine this.  Romney as president could send Rice to do his bidding as a direct representative in foreign policy.  No more of this stuff of sending the S of S to be a diplomat.  My V.P. is here to talk to you.  It would set the diplomatic world on its ear.  The V.P. would demand an enormous amount of respect far outweighing some cabinet level officer.  It would change everything, right?  Who wouldn't trust Rice to be the powerful representative or even, plenipotentiary of the U.S. with full negotiating power.  The president could then come in as the closer on any deal.  Outstanding, right?

Oh, and economically we could combine two tremendously expensive offices together.  Brilliant.  Don't tell me the V.P. wouldn't have time to do both jobs.  One more point, the Constitution doesn't speak to a cabinet for the president.  Washington appointed one and every president after him has also done the same.  Romney could set the trend for smaller more streamlined government and he would actually put his money where his mouth is.

Romney and Rice.  Potentially a great combination.  


Z said...

"Romney and Rice" sounds like a new dish in a restaurant :-)
Could be the Blue Plate Special for the Republicans, why not?!

I'm not AS crazy about this idea as you are but you definitely make a strong case. I like the idea of her being SofS, too...yes, she's definitely equipped.

Lately, the left's been writing about her being a lesbian, so I figure they're a little worried about her ability to get Romney elected if she was his VP choice! You know how they feel smearing people is top political priority!

What bothers me was she has quite liberal friends I've been reading about.
Do you think she's as strong a conservative as we deserve? I'm not so sure.

I think she's a woman of exceptional talents and dignity... SHe's said she won't take VP but who knows if he could persuade her to? Her being Black and a woman couldn't hurt.

Law and Order Teacher said...

I don't think the VP's role necessarily has to be as an attack dog for the president. I can dig through some of her leanings in order to get what she brings to the table. She would be a world player and give some real chops to Romney on foreign policy. Unlike Bide who's a poser. Thanks for the visit.

Average American said...

I'd kind of like to see John Bolton as Veep. Condi would be a GREAT Sec of State, and My new Senator, Kelley Ayotte would sure fix the mess that Holder has been making at DOJ. Maybe Mitt should talk to some people and announce a few names for some of the important jobs, not just VP.

Law and Order Teacher said...

I agree. I like Bolton. He at least doesn't do diplomat-speak. He lets it go and honesty is in short supply in that la-la land. Good point on the naming of several other posts. Interesting. I think it's interesting to speculate.

Z said...

That was AA who brings up Bolton, but I'd be really happy with that selection! I've met him and he's a very nice, very bright guy.

I think AA's idea of announcing other names for important jobs is a good one. It never seems to be done.

L&O; I agree that the VP's role doesn't have to be attack dog; I don't even like that 'attack dog' thing. Sad we need one at all!
I have to imagine she's polling well or her name wouldn't be high on the list.

Did you see that the Left has got a site exposing thousands of pages of information against all the most likely choices of Romney for VP?
The article says the Right does the same thing, but I've never ever seen that. wow.
The gist is something like "you think Romney's bad, wait till you see this.." amazing.
Now they're calling Romney a FELON too. How bad will it get?
We've lost control in America....and all dignity.

Law and Order Teacher said...

I love to see speculation about candidates. It beats the crap out of some of the junk that passes for entertainment. After all this stuff matters. Thanks for the visit.