Friday, May 21, 2010


I'm going to steal from my friend Z in posting this video. I'm appalled that a president from a supposedly friendly country, on the border no less, would come and trash the lawmaking authority of a state. Mexico is really such a well-run country, that we should listen to Calderon and his angst that we want to enforce the immigration laws of our country. Take some time to read the immigration laws of Mexico. Talk about draconian.

The worst is however, that our president stood by while Calderon trashed our country and agreed with his statements. Then Calderon is given an audience in the Congress of the US and is feted there with applause as he takes our country to task. What the hell is happening here?

When did it become un-American to be an American? McClintock is right. What the hell?


Z said...

I couldn't be 'stolen' from by a better guy!
They should have ALL WALKED OUT, that's what REAL AMERICANS WOULD DO.

Tapline said...

where does this all end?? It seems that we all just sit by and allow all this degradation to continue without retort! Our elected ones seem to accept it...Except for a very few who do speak up ,,Stay well...

Law and Order Teacher said...

I agree. Walkout.

I don't know where it stops. The elected officials we have are gutless bureaucrats who only care about their jobs. Thanks for the visit.