Thursday, January 21, 2010


I am amused by the election of Scott Brown and the left's reaction to it. They have begun to carve each other up and the blame game is in full swing. Whether this will derail Obamacare or not, is unclear. I have a problem believing that the left will willingly give up their "Holy Grail" of universal health care. The left is of the mind that this is the time when all the stars have aligned. With the comments of Pelosi today my BS meter went haywire. She is a devious backroom, armtwister and her meek pronouncement that the votes just aren't there for the Senate version was a little too pat. I'll believe it when I see it.

As for Brown, the cynic in me will withhold judgement of him. A check of his record gives me pause. He's pretty liberal on social issues, although his saving grace can be that he seems to be fiscally conservative, pro tax cuts, pro school choice, for LEGAL immigration, pro military, anti criminal prosecution for terrorists etc. We'll see if he is a true conservative worth supporting or just a place holder to stop the runaway health care bill and left wing agenda of Obama, Pelosi, and Reid. I don't give my heart freely anymore. I'm a jilted lover in a political sense.

If Obama has any sense he'll do a Clinton and move to the center for self preservation. Clinton was slick enough in 1994 to see the handwriting on the wall, but then, he's a politician not an idealogue. He was out for himself and was a slick politician possessing very few deeply-held beliefs. Power was his deal and he was good at getting it and hanging on to it. Of course this is all redundant when we're talking about politicians.

Obama may just be another ideologue. If he is, we will get to watch a televised suicide. Then he can join Jimmy Carter in the toilet of history. I'll pull up a chair, pop a beer, and watch the fireworks as the left self destructs.

Should be entertaining.


Z said...

I think Brown is QUITE liberal on social issues; he dodged the question beautifully when asked recently by one of the Conservative talking heads, I noticed.

But, compared to COAKLEY? BRING HIM ON! And did you hear his speech about the ridiculousness of MIRANDA RIGHTS to terrorists and LOW TAXES,etc.? I like to think he'll be really tough and actually get something done in WA.
At least he might help kill the health scare bill...THOUGH he DID vote FOR it in MASS. That bugged me a bit!!
Thanks for your comment on my 'prig post'...I really mean every word I said and hesitated to publish it, but....I think it needed to be said :-)

Brooke said...

I'm hoping Obama stays to the left and we get to watch him go down in flames!

Oso said...

With all due respect,who is Obama to the left of ? Gingrich maybe?

2008 was the first time ever the Dems pulled in more campaign $ from Wall St than the Repubs did.The 2-1 edge in health insurance industry $ the Reps used to enjoy is gone,Obama got more from them too.
The F.I.RE sector and their lobbysists didn't get rich cause they're stupid.They gave that $ as a down payment and so far he's repaid them with an industry-friendly health care bill and toothless financial reform.
Don't listen to his words,observe his actions.

He's not a liberal. he's a centrist,corporate hack politician.
If you think he's on the left you're not paying attention.

Law and Order Teacher said...

Thanks for the visit. Brown is liberal on social issues. He seems to be a conservative in economic issues. As for the comparison between Coakley and Brown? No comparison.

I don't think the left will ever admit that Obama is their guy. I don't know how far you can go left and not be left. Thanks for the visit.

I don't know about Obama's leftist credentials. I think he's too far left, I'm sure you don't. He is a product of his election and oddly enough, he is being hoisted on his own petard.

Playing both ends against the middle is dangerous business. Thanks for the visit.

Brooke said...

Oso, during Obama's very short time in the Senate, he had the most far left voting record of any Democrat.

You can look that up, it's a matter of record.

Oso said...

thank you for responding,and first let me apologize for writing "you aren't paying attention". That was uncalled for,sorry.

I'll take your word for the voting record. IMO that may reflect his constituency,I'd read somewhere that there were a lot of colleges in his district,possibly left-leaning students? Or leftist instructors like Law and Order Teacher:)

Arguably his personal beliefs are leftist and given free rein he might push leftist policy.

From what I observe I maintain his policy has been solidly Wall St friendly,as have his appointments. Although I didn't vote for him,I was impressed by some of his economic team-who he immediately scrapped in favor of Clinton retreads who IMO were among the architects of our present economic crisis.

I am a liberal who was highly critical of Bush,and I would be a hypocrite if I didn't judge Obama in the same manner.

You may be correct in believing him leftist.I believe he's whatever the lobbyists pay him to be. But I'm a cynic.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Obama is intelligent, but he is not smart. I don't believe he possesses the smarts to pull the proverbial Clinton and adjust his track mid-term. This is very much the Be-All and End-All of Our Hero. If he can't pull of ObamaKare then he can't pull off CapNTax and other such lovely gifts.


Law and Order Teacher said...

Thanks for the visit. Your point is well taken. What politician has the courage to go against the tide and push his agenda. Money talks.

Thanks for the visit. You are right about Obama. It's a matter of record. The question then becomes, "How does he govern from here on out?" Will he swerve or will he dive?

I agree. Obama is a product of ideology. I don't think he's capable of turning into anything else. We will watch him sink slowly in the toilet with his buddy Carter. Thanks for the visit.