Sunday, January 31, 2010


I was cruising sites and I stopped at my friend Truth's site. His latest post was about the political purity of his Democrat party. I read and as usual he talked bluntly about the purity of his party in accepting all points of view. According to my friend all people are accepted in the Democrat big top. The Democrat party is all encompassing and tolerant of all viewpoints. I have no doubt that he honestly sees it this way.

Read this story and judge for yourself how tolerant the Dems are. Lest you think this is some obscure race in an obscure state, both could not be further from the truth. Ohio is a perennial battleground state and the Secretary of State sits on the state board that redraws the congressional districts in census years. That would be this year for those of you with your head where the sun doesn't shine. In short this is an important race to both parties. It's a power thing.

Of course all good Dems know that the evil Republicans require that all their candidates toe the party line. All Repubs hate gays, working people, poor people, people who aren't white, immigrants, people who don't go to church, abortions, Obama and love guns and war, and are generally all around intolerant of anyone who doesn't adhere to the party orthodoxy. Certainly unlike the Dems.

In other words, Repubs are angry white, intolerant men. Who would really fall for their crap? I've bailed on them but it's about selling out the constitution, but that's another story.

Read this story and judge for yourself about the tolerance of the Dems.


Brooke said...

"political purity of his Democrat party."

Gee, that doesn't sound at all creepy or Nazi-ish...

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

The Demorats are as tolerant as the KKK, and about as close-minded.

As a matter of fact, a larger group of racists doesn't exist. It is the DEMORATS who have historically PROFITED from keeping American blacks "in their place," poor, mentally destitute and NEEDFUL of government handouts.

That is BEYOND reprehensible.




PRH....... said...

Dems/Libs Intolerant? Hey Steve, that as we know is a big no Sh*t!

But we've always know that about them....from our Vietnam Days until now...

Law and Order Teacher said...

That's not a way to think about any political party. It's all about power. Thanks for the visit.

Tolerance ain't high their list. Intolerance in all groups is not acceptable. Thanks for the visit.

Thanks. We didn't get welcomed into their loving arms, did we? See you soon.

Donald Douglas said...

They're worse the more you really think about it. I just wrote about John Edwards, and the guy wanted going to abort that little baby he had with Rielle Hunter. God, these people make me sick!

tnlib said...

Well, I don't know of any cases where Dems have been asked to sign a loyalty oath. And, if I remember correctly, it wasn't too long ago that a certain presidential candidate wanted a Democrat-turned-Independent for his running mate and the powers that be refused to even discuss it.

Lack of toleration or political expediency?

MadMike said...

L&O..You are using an obscure race in Ohio to paint the democratic party with the broad brush of intolerance? You have got to be kidding me. Everyone knows the Republican party is the party of intolerance. Just look at the record. The latest poll found that 73% of Republicans think gays should be prohibited from teaching. I am curious as to what you think of that.

Law and Order Teacher said...

Thanks for the visit. There certainly are some disturbing thoughts from this group. I worry that intolerance is becoming the order of the day. Politics is nothing if not about power.

Thanks for the visit. That is entirely the point. No party has a corner on tolerance. That big tent stuff is a bunch of jazz. All politics is about power and the Dems, despite their pronouncements to the contrary are no purer than the others. Sorry.

You may want to minimize this as some obscure race, but the point is it isn't. The Secretary of State race determines a seat on the apportionment board that determines the make-up of congressional districts in census years. Hardly obscure. This is about power, plain and simple.

As for painting with a broad brush, I just find sanctimony tiring. Your side seems to want to be the party of inclusion, but as this race proves the Dems ideas about inclusion bow to power just the same as the Repubs.

Politicians are about power. Public service seems to have become a quaint notion these days.

As for your example of the poll, most polls aren't worth spit in the ocean, especially when it comes to polling norms. However, I believe gays should be allowed in the military. I would hardly want them precluded from earning a living.

Railing against gays doesn't have a lot of utility in my classes. It would seem that thou dost protest too much.

Thanks for the visit.

dmarks said...

With all the bashing of Rep. Bart Stupak (D) by Dems after he scuttled the abortion-funding part of the House health-care bill, it's pretty clear that the Dems aren't really a "big-tent" party after all.

Law and Order Teacher said...

Strangely this seems to be true. No big tent? Who knew?

dmarks said...

Read this article for details on what might be the President getting revenge on Bart Stupak for daring to cut into the what might have been profits of the abortion industry.