Wednesday, December 30, 2009


The DHS has reassured us with an editorial in the USA Today. She has promised to "find and fix" the problems that allowed the near Christmas bombing to occur. As I read the editorial I was struck by the fact that she spent the article twisting herself into a pretzel as she wrote with angst about finding out why these people don't like us and want to kill us. Oh and by the way, using the word "terrorist" in a general way is a gutless attempt to sound tough. Read this quote:

At the Department of Homeland Security, we have increasingly focused on understanding the behaviors associated with violent extremism, from known terrorist groups, such as al-Qaeda, to home-based individuals acting alone.

Why do they hate us? I can help you out here, Madam Secretary. These people hate western civilization. They hate our way of life. They hate our freedoms. They hate that we afford civil rights to everyone, especially women. They don't like Christianity because it's against their interpretation of Islam. They hate our high standard of living. In other words, they hate the very air we breath and they want to take us back to the seventh century. Oh, and by the way, you should really not worry too much about those "home-based individuals acting alone." Those right-wing veterans you're so worried about aren't much of a threat to blow up a plane carrying 300 people.

In law enforcement, Madam Secretary, any type of analysis of the terrorist attacks against us would show "a continuing course of criminal conduct." I'm just a simple retired police officer, who is a military veteran, but I can really look at this information and formulate a pattern and a plan to address it. Stop checking out old ladies and others who don't fit the profile and get on your job and check out the right people.

I know profiling is a bad word in your world but a dispassionate appraisal of all the circumstances surrounding a crime spree gives you a course of action. The police are bound by the constitution in their actions and it makes acting quickly almost impossible. If this was a declared war the situation could be attacked with an eye toward ending the threat. But wait, we can't do that because we might offend some people. Madam Secretary, al-Qaeda are terrorists.

Someone trying to blow up a plane with 300 people on board offends me and a lot of other Americans. How about doing your job? How about protecting us with every tool at your disposal? How about fulfilling your constitutional duty to protect us from all enemies foreign and domestic?

How about resigning?


Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

Napolitano should be fired and Wesley Clark (for example) put in her place....IMMEDIATELY! The nation simply cannot tolerate this level of incompetance

Law and Order Teacher said...

I agree. Rumsfeld fell on his sword when it was necessary. This schmuck should too.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Or, as I would summarize Big Sis:

"I was stupid BEFORE I decided to not be so stupid."

WH makes a great point: where are the Rolling Heads?? I see NO accountability here, do you?


Law and Order Teacher said...

Agree. Again Rumsfeld hit the dirt when he was a liability this incompetent should too. Accountability? Not with this administration.

Z said...

WESLEY CLARK? wow...I lost all respect for him a few years back.

L&0, you're right..Rumsfeld had to go, ..Conservatives lose, the leftwingers get the media hiding the truth so very few go. Van Jones got the ax late on a Sat. night and then, quietly, has become the head of dissing rightwing talking heads like Rush who make trouble by telling the truth on the WH. Most of America never heard the name Van Jones.
But, let ONE Conservative do something the Left dislikes and heads roll.

Well....that's America today.

Happy New Year, L&'s a tough one for me. unbelievable. xxx

Donald Douglas said...

Happy New Year's, Teach!

Oso said...

Law and Order,
It's been nice having you drop in at MadMikes.
Happy New Year to you and yours.

Anonymous said...

This idiotic imbecile over at Progressive Eruptions writes about “The Same Old Washington Blame Game” And then goes on to “Blame George Bush and Dick Cheney for everything going on TODAY including the Christmas day Bomber. How freaken blind can one Old Lady possibly be? Mr. Dingbat-in-Chief Barack Hussein Obama. He has screwed up this country more than Tiger Woods has screwed up his marriage. We should get the Nobel prize for being the most Idiotic Person of the year. The miss handling of the Christmas day Bomber before the fact was the biggest screw-up of the year....And Still the Libtards are blaming George Bush.
Libtards don’t want to kill the messenger. The pantie bomber’s father spoke to the CIA on November 19. It turns out that the whole international organization for screening these people is very shaky. Our State Department is way behind the eight ball and I am not sure just where DHS fits in with airlines flying into the US.

What I do know is that Obambi has been just what Cheney has accused him of being: all milquetoast about confronting terrorism. The CIA has had the rug pulled out from under them and the Gorelick wall has been partially reconstructed. Now we have all sorts of misdirected people running around pointing fingers at each other. And this asswipe blogger is pissed of at Dick Cheney!
Eventually the tap dancing will stop.. unfortunately it looks like US citizens will be lost before that time.. dance Barry dance for now.. your chickens are coming home to roost…. you simpleton! And the blogger that I speak of is a bigger simpleton for buying his crap.

Brooke said...

I'm late to the post, so I'll just say Happy New Year, L&O!!!

Law and Order Teacher said...

I know it's tough for you, but you'll come through because you have a lot going for you. We enjoy your posts and I hope that gives you some joy in your life. When the holidays are over you can try to get back to normal. You're in my prayers.

Dr.D, and Oso,
Thanks. Same to both of you and to your families. God Bless.

You make a lot of good points. Thanks for your visit and I hope to see you back. I'll go on your site and check it out. Thanks again. I have to get off and watch Ohio State. Go Bucks!

TRUTH 101 said...

Obama send 30,oo more Troop to Afghanistan. Orders the killing of Somali pirates. In fact, many terrorists have been killed since Obama became president. Then Frank calls him a "milquetoast." I'm sorry Napolitano spoke without thinking. I personally think the Homeland Security Dept. is useless in that it's more bureacracy to make it look like government is doing something than anything else.

But what's a good number of terrorists killed before Obama is acceptable?

Oso said...

I would submit that they hate our foreign policy, not western civilization. If they hated nations with freedoms and high standards of living they'd be attacking Sweden instead of us.

Leslie Parsley said...

It took some time to dump Runsfeld, if I remember correctly.
Unless we're fortunate enough to find a Deep Throat, how can we the public know anything positively(meaning it in the strongest way possible) about what went wrong, where communications broke down.

I would much prefer a president who proceeds with due caution than one who goes around saying fire/shoot the bastard - or bitch. And then, after he's through, he turns to blow the smoke from the pistol. An aide approaches to tell him the latest dispatch indicates he shot the wrong person.

Truth: But what's a good number of terrorists killed before Obama is acceptable?

How large is the population?

Oso: These tribes/families fight amongst themselves like two jackasses in a glass cage. So it is in the Middle East. But if any one of them is attacked by a bigger tribe, like the U.S., they quickly become blood brothers and terrorize the neighborhood, which has no boundaries.

Thanks everyone - I sincerely hope for a good new year for you and your families.

Oso said...


" These tribes/families fight amongst themselves like two jackasses in a glass cage. So it is in the Middle East".

That also describes my family. We actually had a fist fight break out DURING a funeral service for one of my aunts. So I'm a fine one to comment huh ?

Law and Order Teacher said...

Thanks for the visit. Sorry to miss you. Happy New Year to you.

Sending troops to Afghanistan was a no-brainer since it he campaigned that Iraq was the wrong war, Afghanistan was the right war. My only question was what took him so long?

The Somali pirates? Really? I think they could end that fiasco with one order. One warning and incinerate the rowboat and all the spandex wearing pirates with it. I think that would make the "pirates" dodge US flagged ships.

As for body count, that got us in trouble in Vietnam, don't want to go down that road again. Quality not quantity.

Your premise is that the US is at fault for what has befallen us. I can't accept that premise. These people are at war with modernity and that is manifested in western civilization. Spain hasn't been a colonial power since really about 1588 and the defeat of the Armada. But they suffered a horrific attack. India wasn't a colonial power at all, but it was the victim of an attack. Their crime is being a democracy. No, they're at war with western civilization.

Regardless of the time involved he was fired. Janet is really ill-suited to her job. She is a political appointee with no experience in her job. She made a shambles of Arizonia with her policies of allowing sanctuary to all illegal aliens.

These people are law breakers and are an insult to all citizens who enter legally and wait their turn. They may fight among themselves, but we have put ourselves in the position of relying on oil from people who hate us. We should exploit our own resources and use our great technology and brainpower to find alternative fuels.

Thanks to all for your visits.

Leslie Parsley said...

LAOT: "Regardless of the time involved he was fired."

If you apply that standard to Bush, why should it be any different for Obama? I think I'm seeing a lot of "we want it yesterday" thinking as well as the application of a double standard.

Law and Order Teacher said...

No, I mean that Bush fired him when he became a problem for him. Janet's a problem now. She is a gaffe machine. She was incompetent as a governor allowing her state to become a sanctuary for illegals. She then published a warning about right wing veterans being a danger to the country.

Now this, "The system worked." She's a problem that Obama has to keep correcting or else he allows her to say things and checks the wind with his finger and corrects her.

I think she has given ample evidence of her incompetence for this job. I won't even get into the uselessness of this agency and yes, I know Bush brought it about.

It's the latest example of government's response to any crisis. Expand.

Thanks for the visit.

Oso said...

Law and Order,

Your response made me take things a little further so I'm doing the online version of thinking out loud here.

There are people who want to establish an Islamic caliphate, kind of an Islamic Papacy if you will. Who truly hate civilization in general,Western in particular.These people will use terrorism to further their cause.

There are individuals who feel a hatred towards us due to policy which would make them want to commit a terrorist act.They couldn't go to a State-no matter how much of a grievance any govt has with us they would not dare to fund a terrorist attack for fear of being reduced to the proverbial parking lot.

Arguably this would leave the type you hypothesize-those who hate modern civilization,Western in particular-as the non-state actors with $ who would recruit and fund terrorist activity in hopes we would aid their cause by an overwhelming military response rather than intelligence work.

Like I said, thinking out loud.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Law and Order Teacher said...

Thanks for the visit and comment. Your comment still has the premise that policy is what caused the effect of terrorism. I have trouble with that premise. Your other points are well thought out.

I submit that the acts of terrorism would have come regardless due to the aim of the terrorists, that being to turn the world into the caliphate of which you speak.

How do you account for the cartoon controversy in Denmark, hardly a western colonial power? Intolerance is at the heart of their grievances with the west.

Oso said...

Law and Order,
re: the Danish cartoon thing-can't argue with you, you're right there.
As to the other stuff, food for thought.
Good night my friend.

PRH....... said...

Enjoy your 2nd half of the school year Steve....Patricia heads back tomorrow as well.

Local kid{Ross Homan} led the steller defense in the win over the overmatched Ducks....Pryor didn't make a lot of mistakes, and that was the key.

My best in 2010 to you and yours...