Sunday, November 8, 2009


No slant here right? Here's a slanted article that puts us on alert that the health care debate isn't political it is ideological. Note specifically the last part as it takes the part of the Dems and their side of the debate. AP is nothing more than an organ of the left. Nice job being professional.

The red ink flows, but that's all right because we're doing it for the people. You who don't agree just don't get it. Hopefully, the senate has some people who do get the cataclysmic nature of what is occurring. You can't print money that doesn't exist without bankrupting the country. I wish I could print money to pay my bills, but alas, I have to earn it. Pelosi, Reid, and Obama are steering us into an abyss from which we can not survive. Government run health care will be a disaster.

By the way, thanks for the transparency, Nancy/Reid/Obama. I'm glad that bill was posted for 72 hours like you promised. I've read a lot of the bill and I still have a lot to read. I don't consider myself to be stupid, but it's really hard to understand. I don't think that most of the morons in congress have read the bill either.

God bless America.


TRUTH 101 said...

Leaving Iraq and Afghanistan would pay for the health care bill which by the way, I think is a debacle as you do LAOT.

Law and Order Teacher said...

Thanks for the visit and yes I think this plan is a debacle, though probably not for the same reason as you.

Afghanistan can be won with more troops, but something must be done soon because it's slipping away. Obama stepped in it during the campaign by calling it a necessary war. Now he has to make a decision.

It's a tough call for him. I hope he does something one way or the other. The troops deserve a quick decision.