Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Its been awhile since my last post and I apologize. I plead that I am really busy with my high school girls team. We played in a tournament this weekend and did pretty well. We are young and I was impressed with how well we progressed as we played more. We have the potential to be pretty good and I'm excited about the season.

Our team conducted a camp this week for kids which was well attended. The twist is that our players worked with players from a neighboring high school, that happens to be our archrival. The players enjoyed the experience of working together to coach kids in soccer. The coach and I are long time friends and we thought it would be cool to do this. I glad we did.

Our conditioning session tomorrow will culminate in some team bonding with breakfast at a local restaurant. The girls invited me to go with them and flattered, I will go with them. I make them run like crazy, because we are short on numbers and they need to play most of the game. But they understand. I run with them and that probably mitigates the pain for them. Just like school, I feel students will respond to your call that they work hard, if they feel they are learning. They respond the same way in sports. Of this I am convinced.

My family and I went to a concert last night that was simply stupendous. We saw Elton John and Billy Joel in Columbus. Let me describe this concert. First, they sang together for an extended period. Then Elton John put on a full concert. Billy Joel followed with one of his own. The concert ended with them singing several of each others hits together, culminating in a duet of "Piano Man." It was electric and touching all at the same time.

Make no mistake about my love of Elton John's and Billy Joel's music. My daughter and I are especially bonded together in our love of Elton John's songs. I spent a great evening with my wife enjoying the music of our teenage years. I was absolutely in heaven at this show.

It was a little pricey, but what the hell, it was a great show. It lasted about 3 1/2 hours and we never left our seat, although my wife was squashed by an extremely fat guy next to her. She had to move closer to me. Not a bad thing. The music was obviously a trip down memory lane for us. I can't imagine a better evening. If the show comes near you, and you love their music, see it. You will enjoy. You can click on the picture to enlarge, although my camera wasn't the best. You'll get the point. Awesome concert!!

Thanks for the visit.


Anonymous said...

I love Billy Joel! He's been a favorite of mine for a long time. I still remember putting his record on, standing on my bed and singing every word to uptown girl. I think my favorite is Goodnight gets me everytime! I am looking forward to soccer season come fall. Both of my boys play and they love it. I love watching them!

Law and Order Teacher said...

You'll be happy to know he and Elton John sang Uptown Girl. We wondered if he would. It was great. Goodnight Saigon was great. He called it an album track.

Soccer season. Is there a more beautiful sport? This is coming from a football guy who had kids who played soccer. Who knew. I love coaching my team and I look forward to the season. Good luck in yours.

Could I be presumptious? Don't be THAT parent. You know the one that yells at their kids and makes it not fun. Have fun!!!!

Thanks for the visit.

Z said...

That concert does sound fabulous!
3 1/2 HOURS of only from 2 of the very best pianist/writer/performers for more years than I like to think, right!?....super that you got to see that, L&0!
As for soccer.......I thought nothing of it till living in Europe and then it really got me hooked.
I LOVE watching the soccer championships between European teams now with Mr. Z....I just can't get into it HERE......yet.

Good luck to your team!

PRH....... said...

Happy 56th a day or 3 late Steve...EJ and Billy Joel? Now that seems to be an old couple? :)

sue said...

Law & Order - That is great about your relationship with your girls' team.

I can't believe you saw both Billy Joel and Elton John in the same evening! I am a hugh BJ fan and EJ's not bad either!

The Piano Man duet must have been great. That is a night you will always remember.

Law and Order Teacher said...

My kids made me a soccer fan. I was a football, baseball, and basketball player in high school and the military. I watch Fox Soccer Channel a lot.

As for the concert, for real it was unbelievable. Three and a half hours and we didn't move a muscle. The talent of these two is amazing. I always thought that when the music sounds the same live as it does on a record the musician is talented. No digital crap, just plain music. The audience was decidedly veteran (old). But there were a lot of young people who understood the great music. Thanks for the visit.

Thanks for the visit. Billy Joel and Elton John all in the same night. It doesn't get much better than that. The piano man duet was fantastic and very moving. It seemed as though they were saying we both made our music the same way and now we're coming to the end of it. They don't sound any different to me than they did when I was a teenager. And that was at least five years ago.

The girls are really fun to be with and to coach. They are just genuinely nice kids. They cheer for their teammates when they aren't in the game and that warms my heart. I have most of them in class and to top it all off, they are excellent students. The future is bright with these kids.

Thanks for the wishes. Not only and old, but an odd couple. I like your Vietnam remembrances. Thanks for coming by.

dmarks said...

Sounds like a fantastic show.

Law and Order Teacher said...

Thanks for the visit. Elton John and Billy Joel in the same evening. Great.

Anonymous said...

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