Thursday, May 28, 2009


I must apologize for my lack of posts and replies. I am swamped at school with final, reviews and angst over the results of the Ohio Graduation Test taken by our sophs. We are analyzing them trying to see if we get to keep our excellent rating.

I am also the girls soccer coach at school and I'm busy meeting with parents, players, boosters etc., trying to set my summer schedule with the team before they scatter for the summer. We meet in the mornings to workout in preparation for the season in the fall. I told my senior captains that I'm giving them a lot of responsibility for the team in the summer and for the coming season. That lit a fire under them. Now they're pumped for the season.

At the end of next week I go to Kentucky for a week to read and grade Advanced Placement US history essays. That's time consuming but it's a great time to readjust the teaching and to get information to help my students pass the the Advanced Placement test. They have some great speakers, mostly emminent historians, and it is a time for some great interaction with fellow teachers of AP US history.

I'll try to post something this weekend, but I didn't want anyone to think I was out of commission. I'm just a little busy now.

Thanks for the comments on the last post, it is great to hear from people who understand the sacrifice necessary to keep America the great country we all love.


Z said...

I'm fast becoming one of your very biggest fans. I SO respect the work you do and I know other bloggers do, too, L&0.
Take your time, enjoy your work, bless those kids with who you are, and come back ready to BLOG some more!

xx Z

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Do what you need to when you need to; however, there's one thing that I greatly admire about blogs like yours: when its author takes time off or needs a break, they announce it. That is VERY much appreciated!


Z said...

I'm sorry I don't have an email for you because I don't like to do this at others' sites but, if there was anyone I thought who'd like Mr. Z's latest piece, it would be you.
it's up now.

have a great

Z said...

Hi!...thanks for your comment at my place..I just hate to do a plug at somebody else's site like I did here..that's why I asked for an email. I can't give you mine, even my Gmail account that's not my 'real address' because of the lefty trolls at my site...darn! I just meant that I preferred telling you privately, but if you don't mind, I don't

Mr. Z says it would be an honor for you to use his piece...please do.
I hope you enjoy the one I just wrote, dovetails with the point he made. Not as well made a point, but I tried! xx

Law and Order Teacher said...

I get it. I don't mind that you make these type of comments here. I am happy you stop by. That's pretty cool to me. I'll use Mr.Z's post in the coming year for my post WWII lessons, leading into the Cold War. Thanks again.

Donald Douglas said...

It's good to be busy and away from the blog. No apologies needed. You're a good man!

PRH....... said...

I know how it is...wife is finished with school, son at Fairborn is finally done(I think)...meanwhile the Tournament Baseball trail is done for me...just in time for June and summer baseball with ACME and American Legion...34 games in 28 dates in rest for the foolish.

Take it easy!


Watch what you post LAOT. I caught a friend of my son's using material for an essay he lifted from Tom the Redhunter. I told him his teacher was the one that told me about his blog. I wouldn't be surprised if a few less scrupulous students used some of your stuff.

Great blog. I hope the welcome mat stays open for this "lefty troll."

Law and Order Teacher said...

This blog will always be open for you. Trolls are jerks who name call. You are someone I more often than not disagree with, but you always have your game together. You will always be welcome here. Thanks for the heads-up.

Good day, sir.

Pamela D. Hart said...

You have a great blog, Mr. LOT. I also see a friend of mine...Truth. He's a good guy and adds a lot to the debate at hand. I appreciate his view point. I will be stopping by more because I like the way you articulate your thoughts.

Law and Order Teacher said...

Thanks for stopping by. Your thoughts are always welcome.

Law and Order Teacher said...

Thanks for the visit. It is always a pleasure when you visit. I'm scrambling but I'll get back to work as soon as I can.

As always my friend your visits are the best. Thanks and do well in your games. While in Louisville I'll watch the Riverbats the Reds AAA club. It will be baseball heaven. Stay well, brother.

Law and Order Teacher said...

Thanks for the visit. I'll be trying to do something from Louisville with a little laptop I carry. I am excited about meeting and listening to some emminent historians. My students can't believe I'm looking forward to it, but that's the life of a history geek.

Brooke said...

Don't you just hate it when 'real life' gets in the way of blogging?

I feel your pain, man. ;)

Law and Order Teacher said...

I hope things will ease up after exams. We can only wait for the year to end, huh? Thanks for the visit.

highschoolteacher said...

Does it matter if your school loses the "Excellent" rating? I'm serious. If there are no feasible concerns that the state will take over, why go nuts over it?

I've noticed the quality of education going down in schools with high pass rates because everything turns into study sheets.

Z said...

Okay, L&0..enough is enough!
(Plus, I've got GOOD POLITICAL NEWS today..REALLY good)

here's hoping you're around soon...:-( You're missed!

Law and Order Teacher said...

I,m reading my but off. I've read about 500 essays in the last four days. I'm tired so I just sleep a lot. I'll be over to your site in a minute. Thanks for stopping by.

To me it doesn't matter but it does to the school. We have to pass levies for funding. It sucks but it's the system. Without the rating we don't have proof we're doing our jobs. Thanks for the visit.