Thursday, April 30, 2009


I got a little tired of the political baloney. I needed a laugh and what would better than when Dennis Miller rips into Harry Reid. There are few comedians that make me laugh hysterically, but Miller is the best as far as I'm concerned. This dismantling of Reid is so richly deserved. This ridiculous twit is everything that is wrong with politics.

Miller is a rare blend of intellect, humor, and irony. It doesn't get any better. Take some time off politics, my fellow bloggers and enjoy Miller time.

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Z said...

HOLY SMOKE! He about said it all, didn't he? Miller ROCKS!!
I think of Reid and I immediately now think of Franken suddenly going to DC to meet with him, when Franken was losing to Coleman..the minute Franken returned to Minn., SUDDENLY, ALL the votes they found in 'ballot boxes' in car trunks, etc...were ...FOR FRANKEN! Every one, WHAT A COINCIDENCE!!!, huh?
I will always wonder about Reid's power. awful man