Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I read an article today in which it is reported that the American Legion is in the process of challenging the Obama Administration's plan to require that military members injured in the line of duty have their medical expenses paid by their private medical plan. Instead of me ranting about how unjust, classless, cowardly, and underhanded this is, I'll just link the article and let you read it for yourselves. OK, I'm going to rant.

This is a little bit past giving the Prime Minister of England a set of Wal-Mart DVDs or having the Secretary of State rip off an office supply commercial in a weak attempt to ingratiate herself to the Russians and even screwing that up. This is nothing short of stabbing everyone in the back who has ever served in uniform and fought for their country. The military has had a sacred pact with its government that it wouldn't ask military members to risk their lives protecting their country without assuring them that if they are injured or killed, they and their families will be taken care of. That's a small price to pay for the sacrifice of our military and their families.

Now to try to slip into the budget this measure that will result in at most $540 million in savings is an atrocity. Isn't it strange that Obama is willing to front about $600 billion to get universal health started, with an eventual price tag of over a $1 trillion, but wants to abandon those military members injured in the line of duty for what amounts to budgetary pocket change?

I'm not done with this yet. I'm going to research it more and post again on it later. This is despicable behavior for the commander-in-chief to exhibit to the troops. Is it any wonder they don't trust him and their response to him is "tepid" according to CNN.

Can we question their patriotism yet?


Mustang said...

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Law and Order Teacher said...

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TRUTH 101 said...

President Obama is as sharp as they come politically. I can see no way he would think this idea was in any way good. If anyone in his administration was dumb enough to suggest this that idiot needs to go.

Law and Order Teacher said...

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All I know is what my research tells me. The article I linked is one of many saying the same thing. I don't know that he's sharp politically. He's certainly getting off to a stumbling start.

Tapline said...

I don't know what is happening to my posts..They seem to be swallowed up into the black hole....I believe this itea has been thrown out( for the time being). Don't worry it will be back hidden somewhere in a budget bill. They already screwed the retirees who were suppose to get free medical care for life...That lasted for a while until government wanted to trim the budget then the retired member started to pay for medical care and it continues to be looked at for more money coming from the retired member...promise them everything, but when it comes down to collecting,,Well, we will really didn't mean what was said by recruters,,,etc..... and the beat goes on.

Law and Order Teacher said...

What the hell has happened to our country when we can't take care of those who dedicated their lives to the protection of their country?

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QueenBee0117 said...

I am not quite sure where our POTUS, our "commander-in-chief" thinks this would ever be a good idea. IMHO, there is NO WAY he should have the title as commander-in-chief...after everything memebers of our military have done for this country and this is how he wants to repay them! COME ON!!! we need someone in office that actually knows about the military and cares about them!!!