Saturday, February 21, 2009


This song has always had a lot of meaning to my wife and me. We met at Lowry AFB in Colorado. I loved her from the first time I met her, I think she fell in love with me later in the Rocky Mountains. I look at a picture of us in the mountains when we were young. We were definitely in love in the picture and I can only say our love is stronger 35 years later as our anniversary approaches.


Average American said...

Beautiful song and beautiful story.

Brooke said...

Happy Anniversary to you two! :)

Pat Houseworth said...

Good stuff...My dad was stationed at Lowery Field during WW2 when with the Army Air Corps.....I've got some great old photos and his letters home from when he was in Aircraft Mechanics School out there during 1942.

Law and Order Teacher said...

Thanks again.

Thanks for the visit and the good wishes. I'm definitely lucky that she would put up with me this long.

Lowry was a beautiful place to be stationed especially after Okinawa and SEA. The mountains were peaceful and so American.
Thanks for the visit.

Z said...

DOn't look now, but I think you just created a post that is THE BEST ANNIVERSARY PRESENT a woman could possibly HAVE! Beautiful!!

I went to Aspen frequently some years back and was lucky enough to travel private plane (No, not with the CEO of BofA!)'d step out on the tarmac and if this song didn't pop into your head immediately, you must not have ever heard it! And Denver lived on the ridge overlooking the small airport there. It's SO beautiful...and I LOVE that song SO much.

You know, it's music like this which can take us to a better time from politics, too...a good reminder to GET AWAY FROM IT ALL and let music be your guide!

Thanks for beautiful memories...and Congratulations to you and Mrs. L&0...All the best to you both!!

(I have a piece on Catholicism up and I'd love your input if you find the timexxx)

Law and Order Teacher said...

Thanks for the visit. I hope that's the case. I loved the mountains but it was time to come home. I look forward to your post on Catholicism. As for my wife and I, we're fine. Thanks.