Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I agree with Right Wing Prof. On his blog he cautioned against the name-calling and derangement syndrome against Obama. I wish him the best as president and hope that he succeeds, because if he does America will succeed. He will be my president and I will respect him because I respect America. He has won and that is the system we have. God Bless him.

I don't care for name-calling and I don't want to be involved in it. I am above that and I hope my blogging friends are too. As for our military brothers and sisters, it is instructive to remember that they swear allegience to the constitution not to any elected official. They agree to abide by the lawful orders of the commander-in-chief and their military commanders. Having taken the oath several times in my life, the significance of it is not lost on me. Let's hope that a President Obama commands them with wisdom.

I will support him when he is right and I will vigorously oppose him when he is wrong. I did this with President Bush and I will do it with President Obama. The historic nature of this election is not lost on me, the history teacher. African-Americans did not get the vote until 1870 with the passage of the 15th Amendment. Jim Crow precluded them from fully exercising that right until the 1965 Voting Rights Act. Now we have an African-American president. No other country could have done this and we should rightly be proud to be Americans.

Anyone who doubts American Exceptionalism is someone who denies reality. Americans fought a bloody Civil War over the issue of slavery that cost over 600,000 Americans their lives, and fought for Civil Rights through the courts, proving America is a country of laws. Many disparage our country, but they are proven wrong time and time again because America is truly a fundamentally fair country that decides the leadership of their country not with bullets, but with ballots. Everytime power is peacefully handed over from one group to another we should regard that with wonder. This has played out many times since the election of 1800 and it has played out one more time.

I look forward to the battle of ideas over the next four years. I pledge to do so enthusiastically and fairly without personal attacks. I believe conservatives can stand up to the challenges facing us and we will eventually prevail. I truly believe this or I would not join the battle.



Z said...

If LIAR is considered name calling, I simply cannot help it.
obama lied and lied.
HOWEVER, having said that, I will try to support and criticize fairly..honestly I will.

I keep remembering how he mocked FOX news and Sean Hannity, for example....while I am not the biggest Hannity fan, I am frightened of politicians who are so ideological and SO unkind or egotistical that they can't understand half of these United States has people who agree with FOX or Sean Hannity...make sense? I don't think we do well with a president who so terribly would diss half of America for what they believe and he did in many, many ways.
still, I will try to put it aside and keep hoping that he will be a better and kinder, more expansive president than he was candidate.

Also, it is hard for me to disregard what his people did to Joe the Plumber. it was brown shirt tactics and we must not forget that and stay vigilant...that REALLY was wrong and VERY frightening to me.

Water boarding for our safety is considered brutal and unkind but bullying a citizen who only dared disagree with THE ONE is FINE? no

Oh, word verification here is takeduck. you have seen my resident troll's comments...YOU take Duck(y)!!

Present and Accounted For said...

I agree whole heartedly with your sentiments. I think those who are expecting Obama to unify the nation are very naive. He is shown no indication that he will govern from the middle and with the Dems control of the legislature why would he? Oh well, here's hoping for a repeat of 1994.

Law and Order Teacher said...

That I would consider to be truth, (about lying). I will call him all he does. I was referring to the crap that was directed at Bush and Cheney, etc. We are better than the weak minded lefties who name call like little kids. We have the weight of the argument on our side. As for Joe the Plumber, that is beyond the pale. The group that vilified Nixon gave Kelly-Jones a pass. That is criminal not name-calling. I am familiar with the guidelines for state computer use, and I know the Highway Patrol is adamant about misusing their computers. I'm with you on your post. I used word verification because I was getting spammed bad.

Law and Order Teacher said...

Thanks for the visit. Your point is well taken. I was speaking from a historical perspective. I am not naive and fully expect the Dems to overreach and spit the bit. That's why I think Sarah should get a Congressional job in 2010 and prepare to take on BO. She would be positioned to take him on. Go Sarah!

Tapline said...

L&O Teach, Well, Anyway it's over and we will all find out what we have as presidential material. I think he will do some good things and some not so good. We have checks and balances and they are in place. However, I have not read anywhere the role that the MSM played in this election. It seems that the majority of citizens have already forgotten what they did to this nation..... I'm sure you have heard of brainwashing. They did an outstanding job. This started with Bush, then the troops,"If it bleeds it leads" and continued negativity throughout the campaign. Now we will see if they hold OB's feet to the fire...I somehow doubt it....But, All this aside...It's a new day and we will see what transpires tomorrow!!!!stay well...

Z said...

I see what you mean, L&O Teacher.....
I'm with name calling isn't right and I hope we all avoid it, but the truth's the truth and he IS a liar. I hate saying that about a president, and I know the left called Bush liar and SO much worse, but facts are facts and, with fits.

I'll never forget when Cheney had that choice word for Leahy. He said it QUIETLY, NO microphones, in private, yet it got blasted all over that he'd said a nasty word to Leahy. In the meantime, politicians were going into schools and calling the kids' president a liar, remember?

It just seems to me like a large part of the Left is so inept at discernment and civility.

have you see Obama slide his middle finger up and down his cheek when saying he'd conquer Hillary and then, weeks later, "knew what he'd do to McCain?" Fingeron cheek..just the middle finger. As if we wouldn't notice but the sycophants in his crowd loved it..BIG applause. Like when he said that line about pigs and lipstick.......he waited just enough time to get the meaning to sink in and the audience to burst into laughter THEN he continued the phrase......And expected us to believe this was an innocent saying. And he got a pass.

I guess what I'm saying is that civility and character are SO important; seems like good character 'creates' good governance.
I fear what governance will be by a man who'd use his middle finger like that, demonize Joe the Plumber simply for challenging him, and so blatantly lie about his friendship with Ayers.
Sorry to belabor the point.

Law and Order Teacher said...

You are not belaboring the point. I agree with you wholeheartedly. I was trying to say that we are better than the Libs when it comes to BS name calling. My dad, before he passed away, always said that a person who was secure with himself didn't need to stoop to name calling. The better ideas will always stand out and be more powerful than anything weak people will say. I have always tried to keep that in mind. BO fooled a lot of people into voting for him. In his press conference today his true personality came out and he insulted Nancy Reagan. He is a smart aleck jerk and as he proceeds, many people will wonder, what did we do?

Law and Order Teacher said...

BTW listen to The Pogues music and I'm sure it will put a smile on your face. Celtic or not, love the music. Don't look at Shawn's teeth listen to his music. It's all good.

nunoftheabove said...

As a member of the unwashed conservatives, I will continue to call it like I see it. But I, too, am tired of the mud slinging and hysteria.

Obama won, that is the way it is and now he will have his turn at fixing the country's many problems and divisions. And if he or somebody else doesn't fix the divisiveness soon, there will be no country to save.