Friday, November 21, 2008


As I think about Veterans Day, I thought about what warfare meant to other generations of warriors. There is nothing good about war, but some of us have been called upon to engage in it. Please look at this clip of the Civil War and get a flavor of what it must feel like to be under this kind of fire. I can only imagine the feeling that drives a soldier to walk into certain death for a cause. I want to say it's in us as Americans, but I don't think it is. Most of us, when confronted with it would shy away. Some of us would take up the mantle and go forward. I have often thought about what drives us to be American warriors and I honestly don't know. I want to think that if we were confronted as Americans, with a choice to fight or die, we would fight. Today, I don't know.

War is an abomination of mankind. But there are times when it is necessary. I have been there, but this clip is a war that I don't even contemplate. These men confronted warfare up close and felt the fire. They are heroes and I admire them with all my being. What would we do now as Americans, if we felt it was necessary to protect ourselves? Would we shy away or would we fight? It would seem that we would fight. How long will that fighting spirit endure?

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Z said...

A country loses its will to fight when there are so many who've decided the country's not great, that patriotism and PRIDE are old fashioned or too over the top. A very dangerous situation; couple that with the fact that I'm hearing soldiers are getting out instead of staying past retirement as they'd considered...or not enlisting...because of obama, and we have TROUBLE, HOUSTON.

Law and Order Teacher said...

Thanks for the visit. I agree. We will see in the coming times if the fading of patriotism will have an effect on our will to fight. I fear that it will.

Texas Truth said...

Z and Law and Order Teacher: It will never be too old fashioned for me to be patroitic. I try to instill that in my students everyday and it IS getting harder and harder. Times are going to be bad with Barack HUSEIN Obama (aka Little Barry Soetoro) in office. God help us all.

Average American said...

America will continue to have patriots stepping up to the plate. As soon as the numbers get much less than we need, whoops, another attack and enlistments will soar! Not the best way to run a military, but I am positive there will be a response when really needed, just like after 9/11.