Saturday, October 18, 2008


A little love for the south. A great song.


Texas Truth said...

Hot Damn. Another GREAT song. Thanks.

Average American said...

Great tune!! By the way, I passed on your post about the Al Smith dinner. Everybody should see that.

Law and Order Teacher said...

Thanks for the visits. I too, love Skynyrd. What a tragic lose in 77. They have recovered, but they couldn't help but lose something without Van Zant. Great song and I love how they stick it to Neil Young with his leftist crap and dumping on the South. Great stuff.

Law and Order Teacher said...

meant "loss" sorry.

Z said...

Actually, I always liked Neil Young but I DO not like his politics!

GREAT SONG, Law and Order ...thanks so much, I really enjoyed it. Have always loved Lynyrd Skynyrd, even as a California girl, born and bred! And ZZ Top and THE BAND (my personal favorite, along with Leon Russell)

Great stuff....
I just had to come over and see what kind of teacher you were only because there are so few conservatives.....and I saw you're of German descent and my husband's from Germany.

Great blog! Off to listen to your Grand Funk now! I don't remember whose site I saw you at, but I'm glad I did!

Law and Order Teacher said...

Welcome and thanks for the visit. I try to post some politics and some music I like from the 60s/70s. I am that old. Check out my blogroll as they are all conservative teachers. Where is husband from in Germany? My g-grandmother was from Koblentz, my g-grandfather from Saxony. She came over in 1885, he in 1887. I've been trying to find out more with little luck. Again, thanks for the visit.

Z said...

Hi...husband is from near Hamburg, and then went to U in Munich....I've lived in Munich for about a year. Lived in Paris for almost 4 years, the best in my life!
You have a blogroll of conservative teachers? I LOVE THEM ALL!
I'm teaching a preschool class (2 of them) that I call WEE AMERICANS...those little ones now have a reverence and awe for Old Glory! You can't believe what 3 weeks of learning the pledge, making sure to cover our hearts, stand at attention, etc., can do. Today, they loved learning about the Statue of Liberty! I'm trying to get them loving this country before the first grade teacher convinces them we're nothing but racist scum! (LOL!)
Thanks for the blogroll...I will return the lovely favor!

Law and Order Teacher said...

Thanks for the reply. My only overseas experience came in the military 71-75. I made it to Okinawa, Da Nang, Colorado. Two out of three ain't bad.