Thursday, October 16, 2008


I loved the debate last night. While the pundits panned McCain's effort, I was impressed that he took BO on by bringing up a lot of the stuff that the MSM shelters him from. The MSM and the media in general are enamored not with what someone says, but how they say it. It's all about how you come across.

The Joe the Plumber deal was a stroke of genius by McCain. He finally gave a face to the people who don't get any run in the Dem party. That would those who work for a living and (drumroll) earn money doing it. I have friends who own a restaurant and are taxed on a personal level. The will get killed by BO's policies because they make money. They hire a lot of workers. They also hire local high school kids with special needs to help them gain work skills. They certainly deserve to be punished for their profit and philanthropy.

BO was weak in his attempt to brush aside the jabs by McCain as it relates to Ayers, Acorn, and Joe. BO has received an incredible pass from the MSM in his policies and associates. What about the money his campaign has given to ACORN. They are what's wrong with the process and politics in general.

I could spend hours talking about BO's policies and their effects on the people of this country. What a shame that the MSM has bailed and put itself squarely in the court for BO. I love the fact that they have finally admitted their bias and attempted to justify it. Wow. We certainly have come a long way, haven't we?

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